Free Week Preview For WWE Network Announced

By Damian Seeto
WWE Network Free Preview
Image from WWE Network Facebook Page

WWE Network has been an expensive undertaking for WWE, but the company still wants to make a profit out of it. Will the new free week trial encourage others to sign up?

Reports suggest WWE spent around $40 million on building the WWE Network. It has been the most expensive thing the company has done in several years. The company has yet to see a profit from it and is trying desperately increase subscription numbers. They are now offering yet another free week trial for USA customers only.

There are several reasons why they are doing this. They need more people to subscribe in hopes to get their goal of 1 million subscribers. Right now, they only have 667,000 subscribers at last count. This number could drop depending on how many people have bothered to renew their subscriptions.

The WWE Network started in February, although the six-month commitment is about to expire for first-time buyers. WWE is trying really hard to keep subscribers as the last thing they want is to see the numbers drop. This free week trial will hopefully see more people sign up. The trial starts now and ends on July 14.

What WWE needs to avoid is just giving away content for free. They are smart not to hold PPV events during free trials, but some people might just use the free trial and never consider paying for it. In my opinion, WWE has given away far too many free trials of the WWE Network already.

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