WWE Losing Faith In Cesaro?

By Dan Marsiglia
Cesaro and Kofi Kingston
Courtesy of Cesaro – WWE Universe Facebook

Cesaro was one of WWE‘s most promising commodities for the first half of 2014, but the second half hasn’t gotten off to a rollicking start. The Swiss Superman has been pinned clean in three of his last four matches, losing the other via disqualification. Considering he was booked about as strong as anyone for the first six months of the year, the change in philosophy is notable. Is this an elaborate ruse to trick the fans into thinking he won’t win the Intercontinental Championship in the Battleground Battle Royal (at Battleground), or is the company losing faith in him?

Cesaro’s popularity was steadily increasing in the weeks and months leading to WrestleMania XXX, and he was primed for a babyface run after splitting from his Real Americans cohort Jack Swagger. He got a major star reaction after winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and many observers felt the time was right to test Cesaro in main event waters. Instead, WWE kept him heel, took away the Cesaro Swing and gave his services to Paul Heyman.

In many ways the timing wasn’t right for a full babyface turn. Daniel Bryan was about to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion and it seemed like he would have a long, healthy run. Cesaro would not have fit in working on top as a face against Bryan, but keeping him heel could potentially lead to a series of main events. Even though the fans were ready to embrace Cesaro, putting the turn on ice may have been a necessary move.

Unfortunately, things haven’t worked out for Cesaro as a heel. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact reasons why, and there are probably many, but there’s no doubt he’s cooled off significantly since WrestleMania.

On the other hand, he was still a protected guy who won most of his matches. There was reason to believe WWE still had faith in him and was waiting for the right time to maximize his impact. Now that the tide has turned, concern has crept into the equation.

Generally speaking, the losses to Kofi Kingston make no sense. Kingston has worked mostly as an enhancement talent the last few years and I doubt the company has any intention of pushing him. Why give Kofi the victories when it does nothing except make Cesaro, the guy you want to get over, look bad? Cesaro destroyed him after the bell anyway just to make sure everyone knew it was a fluke. It’s one of those finishes that gets neither guy over.

Cesaro is still the favorite to win the Battleground Battle Royal. These “meaningless” losses are likely a ploy to work the fans into believing there’s room for doubt. They’ve done this a million times in the past when they think the finish to a match is way too obvious, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

In other words, Cesaro has nothing to worry about…at least not yet.

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