WWE: Roman Reigns vs. John Cena Shouldn't Happen Until SummerSlam 2015

By Shaun Lowe

I would be hard-pressed to say that the weird little teases we’re getting between Roman Reigns and John Cena isn’t causing me concern. Each week, the WWE are making it so that Reigns is taking shots at Cena here and there, but in a babyface kind of way. It’s endearing to most fans because of how they feel about Cena at this point in his career, while boosting Reigns up to a whole new level due to the measuring stick having to take him more seriously.

My concern doesn’t lie with Reigns not living up to expectations, but rather it’s a fact that everyone knows when feuding with Cena early on in your career, you have no where else to go but down. I don’t think that the WWE are stupid, so I doubt Vince McMahon and co. are going that route any time soon.

Reigns is their current pride and joy, meaning that they don’t want to spoil things for him or handle him in any way, shape or form that could cause his trajectory to ever point anywhere but up.

Building Reigns up to WrestleMania XXXI is their primary focus right now, with big matches assuredly planned along the way — but hopefully not a single one involving a one-0n-one with the leader of the Cenation. Reigns shouldn’t be facing off against Cena until well after winning his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WM31, as in SummerSlam next year if they can manage to delay it that long.

I know the company feels that it is shorthanded right now on superstars, and the WWE is certainly not wrong, which makes delaying a matchup that immense and that anticipated practically impossible. However, that’s something that the company can handle if the gap is carefully planned and things fall into place.

The WWE should have Reigns involved in the title picture from now until WM31, even if he’s just on the outskirts of it, until winning the Royal Rumble. Once he’s got the guarantee of being in the main event of WM31, he’s in the clear and the WWE can just tease him being in that match from January until April, while putting Cena and others up against defending champion Brock Lesnar leading into the biggest wrestling event of the year.

After defeating Lesnar at WM31, Reigns can feud with Lesnar for a month or two, with threats of Seth Rollins cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase and Dean Ambrose continuing to prevent a successful cash-in.

I came up with a scenario where Rollins would attempt the cash in at WM31, just after Reigns wins the championship, and Ambrose would prevent it and cause Rollins to lose the briefcase. However, I could see them letting him keep it until afterwards, allowing there to be that kind of threat to the new champion.

Once that picture all plays out, then the WWE can bring out the measuring stick, the leader of the Cenation, the man who never gives up, and the undisputed face of the WWE, John Cena, at SummerSlam 2015. When that happens, the company should allow Reigns to go over clean and don’t even hint at anyone cheating or doing anything underhanded.

If the WWE Universe is to take Reigns seriously and truly believe he’s the new face of the franchise, then he needs to Reign Supreme.

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