WWE Rumors: Sting Coming to Raw Next Week?

By Shaun Lowe


For the better part of the last decade, there has been one person rumored to be coming to the WWE more than anyone else: Sting.

It was heavily speculated that he would show up at WrestleMania XXX, but his contract negotiations never completed. Shortly after WrestleMania had concluded, it was rumored that his contract had been fully written and merely needed to be signed. After a recent tweet from Sting himself, it would appear that his signature is drying as we speak.

That tweet simply said, “07.14.14” which could mean that he’s making a simple announcement or that he’s making his first official appearance on WWE TV. It would make sense if it’s merely to say that there’s a DVD/Bluray about him that’s going to be coming out soon, but it’s far more fun to assume that means WWE has landed their long-prized veteran.

If he is indeed coming into the fold, then I would anticipate that it’s in a managerial position, rather than a competitive one. He’s 55 years old at this point and his better days are long since behind him.

They needed to wait to bring him in when it would benefit everyone involved, rather than just bringing in a known name during a period where WWE is struggling and trying to convince investors that they know what they’re doing. I say that, but I also understand the move, because it shows that they’re adamantly trying to right the ship, to bring in names and faces the fan base is familiar with, will get behind, and sink their wallets into.

Could this have any connection with the Japanese signings that seem to be scheduled for the 12th? Or is this going to be an event all its own? What they plan to do with Sting is beyond any of us right now, but we should get a good idea next week on Raw. I’m just excited to possibly see Sting finally under the WWE banner.

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