WWE NXT Superstars The Ascension Will Rise After Battleground

By Shaun Lowe
Viktor Twitter
Viktor Twitter

Last night’s episode of NXT revealed a promo for The Ascension, showcasing their dominance in WWE‘s developmental system; but more importantly, it showed that there’s nothing left for them where they are. Every tag team that’s been thrown at them, Konnor and Viktor have utterly annihilated — except The Usos. While yes it’s scripted that they destroy every team thrown their way, it’s done that way because they need to be the dominant force in the division and under the NXT banner due to their talent. They’ve proven their worth as developmental superstars; now it’s time to truly throw them to the wolves of WWE’s main roster and see how they fare. They’ve been doing house shows recently, losing to Goldust and Stardust most nights, but the more interesting part of using them on that level –while staying hidden from most of the fans — is that the WWE App a couple weeks back showed The Ascension watching/studying an Usos match from backstage. Within a month, they’ve teased the duo on TV or the app, and they’ve been getting them ready against main roster talent during dark matches — matches done solely for the enjoyment of the live crowd that are never aired. It sounds like bolstering the tag team division is planned to be done very soon.

Triple H has convinced Vince McMahon — for now — that building up the tag-team division on the main roster and even down in NXT is one of the things they should be focused on. Having that division be strong again creates advantages the WWE hasn’t seen since the Attitude Era, when tag teams were seemingly at their peak. Having great tag teams — not just teams thrown together — competing against one another allows for more time to be taken up on RawSmackdown and PPVs, because the fan interest is there, it’s exciting to watch and it opens up more stor lines to fill the time as well. Ever since Raw went to three hours, WWE — and fans, for that matter — have been clamoring for stories, angles and matches to fill up the time adequately; having five or more legitimate tag teams going after one another, especially when several of them have actual characters, makes for compelling TV.

If they were brought up right now, we would have The Ascension, The Usos, The Wyatt FamilyRybaxel — who are becoming a good team — The Dust Brothers and Los Matadores, who are down a member for several more weeks/months. That’s not a terribly strong division so far, but adding in The Ascension would allow for the feud between The Usos and The Wyatt Family to take a backseat or even become a three-way tag feud, freshening up a rivalry that fans are quickly tiring of.

While Jimmy and Jey Uso are incredibly exciting and Erik Rowan and Luke Harper are powerhouses capable of surprising the crowd at any given time, the feud between these two teams is growing stale, with no real alterations to any of the matches. We’ve just seen what they have to offer against each other and it’s time to move on. Enter The Ascension into the mix and it changes the entire landscape in this feud, adding two fresh bodies that the majority of the crowd hasn’t seen before and voila you have caught lightning in a bottle once again.

I believe that WWE will wait until after Battleground before bringing these two incredible talents up, most likely doing so on the Raw after the PPV. Having one more big match between The Usos and The Wyatts at Battleground lets their feud come to a close or come to an impasse, where The Ascension can either come out at the end of the tag match at Battleground or make their presence felt on Raw when either or both of these teams are competing.

No matter what WWE chooses to do, I hope they do the right thing and bring up this talented duo soon. Hopefully they feature them at SummerSlam so the world can see what I see: A team on the Rise.

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