WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt To Turn Face At SummerSlam?

By Shaun Lowe
WWE_Hamad Twitter
WWE_Hamad Twitter

WWE has been nervous to turn any of their stars from face to heel for a while now, fearing that their lack of depth at top level faces could sink or even outright eliminate a lot of ongoing or future storylines. WWE superstar Sheamus was rumored to be on track for a major heel turn earlier in the year, primarily when plans were in place to have him square off against Daniel Bryan, but when Bryan’s journey went from super-stardom to mega-stardom, that altered any plans between those two. Since then, WWE has taken a closer look at what they have on their roster, realizing that they don’t have nearly enough high level good guys (face) around and an abundance of bad guys (heel).

One of the biggest rumored turns wasn’t from face to heel but rather the other way around by none other than the Wyatt Family leader himself, Bray Wyatt. Bray is a superstar who has seen his trajectory go from steadily rising to straight up skyrocketing, all the while as a heel with some baby-face elements mixed in.

Rumors exploded all around the interwebs prior to Money In The Bank (MITB) from fans and “sources” who were fearing a face turn was inevitable for Bray, leaving behind his two followers, Erik Rowan and Luke Harper. Due to Harper getting a lot more mic time, allowing him to polish his skills and show off his ability to carry things on his own, the rumors grew and grew. But they were mainly aided by a feud between Bray and John Cena, who’s known to cause uprising stars to see their journey to the top topple back down to earth once the feud is done with the leader of the Cenation. Then at the MITB PPV, fans were teased with the possible turn once again, with Bray and the rest of the Wyatt Family not interacting even once and the duo even coming out to their own theme music separate from Bray’s.

Shortly before MITB, WWE seemed to be pushing Bray back towards the realm of heel, using stereotypical heel elements in his promos leading into the PPV, but it wasn’t until The Wyatt Family came back together on the Raw after MITB, like nothing had happened, that we realized it was either a tease or an aberration.

Now comes the news that at a house show in Japan — where WWE is doing a tour currently — Bray may have been a part of a massive face turn, partnering up with Cena to dismantle Rowan and Harper with chairs. To be completely frank, house shows are known to have crazy things happen, be it to shock the crowd and give them a good show or to see how the crowd reacts, before doing the same — or similar — thing on TV/PPV. Things like this are one of the biggest benefits of going to house shows, rather than a televised event like Raw and Smackdown where you can typically predict what’s going to happen.

Personally, though, I think this is more the latter situation, where WWE is testing the waters on what they can and can’t do with Bray. If they moved forward with this storyline on any of the shows or at (fingers crossed) SummerSlam, can you imagine the reaction of the crowd? How much it would shake the current landscape of the WWE? It allows for Harper to continue his rise as a leader, it would maintain them as a tag team and it would possibly team up the former enemies John Cena and Bray Wyatt.

Then in the near future WWE could do something else to shock the WWE Universe, unite the Wyatt Family under the Bray banner when they see fit. Having him turn on his followers, only to eventually come back and brainwash them back into following him, would make for an incredible story and show off the immense power/manipulation skills that Bray truly possesses.

This could just be something done at a house show in a foreign country to give them an electrifying moment that they’ll never forget, or this could be the legitimate beginning of the end for The Wyatt Family as we know it.

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