The Wyatts Need to Win the Tag Belts at Battleground

By Jeffrey Harris
The Wyatt Family
Courtesy of The Wyatt Family – WWE Universe Facebook

The tag team unit comprised of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, or The Wyatts, need to finally win the WWE Tag Team Championships at this month’s Battleground pay-per-view. Rowan and Harper have paid their dues and have done tremendous work in the last year. It is time to finally get some sort of payoff by having them win their feud with The Usos and take home the tag team belts.

We already saw Bray Wyatt lose his major feud to John Cena, and now Chris Jericho has returned to put Wyatt over. To give back The Wyatts some sense of momentum, it is time to have them win a title. Some critics might argue that The Wyatt Family does not need title belts because owning titles does not go with the gimmick of the group. I beg to differ. The members of The Wyatt Family have gotten themselves over as near-supernatural monsters in the WWE. It would be a nice culmination to demonstrate how far the group has come to have The Wyatts win the belts. Giving The Wyatts the tag team titles would establish them as the dominant monster team to beat.

While Wyatt is the star of the group for sure, Rowan and Harper have more than held their own in the unit. They have both shown excellent growth in the ring and have represented their characters well as members of the trio. A run with the tag team belts is well deserved at this point.

The Usos have had a good run with the belts. They have already previously beaten The Wyatts in battle. A loss here will not irrevocably damage them, especially in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match. It is time to pull the trigger on The Wyatts with a WWE tag team title run, starting at Battleground.

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