CM Punk's WWE Contract Expires This Week, Teases Podcast

By Dan Marsiglia
CM Punk
Courtesy of CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

After months of intense speculation and swirling rumors regarding a possible return, CM Punk‘s contract with WWE will quietly expire this week. No new contract has been signed, and it appears that Punk is finally free from any and all obligations to the company.

WWE has been astonishingly silent on the Punk front since he walked out on the promotion in late January. The issue of Punk and WWE was a subject better left alone, and for the most part both parties willfully ignored the other. It’s been suggested that the conspicuous silence was part of an agreement between the two. In other words, as long as Punk was officially employed by the company (and still receiving royalty checks), neither party would disparage the other.

Now that the shackles are ready to come off, expect a little more output regarding his future plans. Punk already tweeted that he’s, “Starting a band, a podcast and a fire. One of these is true. (Okay, two).” A podcast isn’t the worst idea as long as he’s willing to stay in the wrestling game. Chris Jericho, Steve Austin and Jim Ross have all had success with the medium and have kept themselves relevant because of it. Punk is very outspoken and charismatic, so doing interviews and telling stories may be right up his alley.

On the other hand, some might suggest he wants to get away from wrestling altogether. He hasn’t shown any interest in getting back into the sport and supposedly considers himself “retired.” The r-word usually doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the pro wrestling world, but Punk is a different kind of cat. For these reasons, Punk doing a wrestling podcast seems like an odd choice. Maybe he’s starting a band (and a fire) after all. Who knows?

In any event, we can expect to hear more from Punk in the weeks and months to follow. Now that his days of silence are almost at an end, will we finally learn the real reason for his original departure?

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