KENTA Should Be Treated Properly In WWE

By Damian Seeto
Kenta Signs With WWE
Image from the Official WWE Facebook Page

KENTA has now just been signed to a contract to wrestle in WWE. The man deserves to go far.

KENTA is already a huge star all over the world and especially in his home country of Japan. Some people describe KENTA as Japan’s own version of John Cena. As famous as KENTA is over in Japan, hopefully he’ll be able to find a decent following with American fans too.

Sin Cara was revered as a god over in Mexico before he signed with WWE. The one big mistake WWE made with him is that they didn’t send him down to NXT. Sin Cara barely speaks any English and wasn’t used to the “WWE style” of wrestling. Therefore, he went to the main roster and kept botching his moves. Not to mention he wasn’t as popular as Rey Mysterio and WWE gave up on him. Sin Cara is back in Mexico while Hunico portrays the character now.

Luckily for KENTA, he will be sent over to NXT to work the “American way”. KENTA is already a great wrestler, but at least he’ll get to know how WWE functions behind the scenes. I’m hoping WWE doesn’t stereotype KENTA like they usually do with Asian wrestlers.

KENTA is respected by guys like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as both men “borrowed” his finishing moves. Also, Hulk Hogan came all the way to Japan to sign KENTA, so WWE must have a little faith in him.

Hopefully he doesn’t end up like other Asian wrestlers that don’t get a decent push. Yoshi Tatsu could have gotten further, but WWE didn’t do much with him. Tatsu has now been released. Fans are praying KENTA doesn’t get similar treatment.

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