CM Punk Announces New Endeavors When WWE Contract Expires

By Damian Seeto
CM Punk Ponders
Image from CM Punk – WWE Universe Facebook

CM Punk has made plans already for the long life ahead without needing to worry about WWE.

Punk’s WWE contract expires on July 17, and WWE won’t be re-signing or extending his deal. They could have extended his contract since he missed every date since late January. Technically they could keep extending his contract until he wrestles for them for another six months or so.

WWE is making budget cuts due to the expensive costs they have with the WWE Network. They simply cannot afford to re-sign someone as expensive as Punk. It makes so sense on their part to sign a guy who won’t be appearing for them possibly ever again. From July 17, Punk will be free to do anything he wants.

Punk is smart guy and is already planning to do things outside of professional wrestling. Punk tweeted he might start his own band and even a podcast. A podcast sounds interesting, because we might hear what he has to say about his time in WWE. Jim Ross, Chris Jericho and Stone Cold Steve Austin all have their own podcasts too.

Punk could be joking about the band thing. I do know he likes punk music, although I’m not sure if he’s good at singing or even plays an instrument. If he is musically talented, he could be like Jericho and be as successful as Fozzy.

July 17 will be Punk’s last day until he can be set free. From then on, we may hear more details as to why he quit WWE in the first place. That’s only if he’s willing to talk on the subject.

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