WWE Raw Reactions (7/14): Sting To The WWE Finally Happens

By Shaun Lowe
WWE Facebook
WWE Facebook

The biggest takeaway from last night’s episode of Raw has nothing to do with this Sunday’s PPV Battleground. Instead, it’s that Sting finally made some kind of appearance on WWE TV.

While I had long hoped WWE would be smart enough to book Sting’s first appearance in the ring, dropping down from the rafters to beat down the bad guys — a la his glory days in WCW — that commercial for WWE 2k15 was one of the coolest, most genuinely exhilarating non-wrestling things that WWE has shown us in years.

I had mentioned in my Raw Predictions early yesterday that more than likely the Sting announcement/reveal would be a commercial or at the very least a mention of him in/for the new video game, rather than him actually showing up. But I have to admit, I never saw that perfect of a commercial being their first use for him.

The trailer opens with an orchestra sitting in a darkened warehouse, with a minimally shifting spotlight highlighting the group in the center of the floor. When a mysterious figure crosses a walkway in the overhead rafters, the orchestra begins to play a dark and familiar theme to some, new and exciting to others. As the orchestra begins to pick up momentum in the track, the figure drops down from the rafter. With the spotlight set behind the unknown figure, the audience can see he’s wearing a long black trench coat and wields a black baseball bat in one hand. With his face still hidden by the shadows, the man lands smoothly on his feet and begins to walk towards and through the source of the symphony that’s filling all that surrounds him. Once he makes his way past the orchestra, the music stops and the band turns to face the camera, the light hits their faces, revealing that they’re all donning white and black Sting face paint masks. Then the shadowy veil is removed from the mysterious figure that’s been highlighted throughout the video, and the spotlight turns to focus on his face.

This is when the live Raw crowd’s voices can be truly heard. The Man Called Sting is shown on WWE TV for the very first time ever, and the audience lets the entire company know that they’re ecstatic about it.

From the rafters of WCW, to the small screens of TNA and finally to this WWE 2K15 video game trailer, this allowed us to finally see what fans have been clamoring for for over a decade. He’s signed his first WWE contract, the ink has dried and the agreement is in place. All that remains is for him to drop from the ceiling at SummerSlam or the Royal Rumble. No matter what the pundits say, only one thing can be said for certain: Sting has arrived.

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