Will WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Be At The Battleground PPV?

By Shaun Lowe

Rumors have been circulating –much like they always do in regards to wrestling– and this time there’s a hint of potential truth to the claims. With Battleground nearly upon us, many people are wondering what’s going to happen in the main event on Sunday between the reigning champion John CenaRoman ReignsRandy Orton and Kane.

The majority of us know that there’s little to no chance that WWE would ever have Cena walk out of Battleground, just weeks away from the second biggest PPV of the year for WWE — SummerSlam — without the belts. They’re trying to build him up as the unstoppable champion that he seemingly always is, but with a larger sense of pride, knowing that he’s got to stick it to The Authority on top of maintaining his championship reign.

The other ongoing story line is whether or not Kane and Orton will turn on one another, as it’s been hinted at recently, or if they’ll continue to work together in order to further The Authorities plans. At Money In The Bank, it was made obvious that Kane was only present to aid Orton in his ascension towards the gold that hung overhead. Granted he failed in his efforts, but that’s what you get when you contend with Super Cena during a time WWE really needs his reliability.

Roman Reigns is the outlier here, a position where he should be for the time being. His winning the belts would do no one any favors, especially himself, because whoever holds the gold going into Sunday, Aug. 17, is destined to be decimated by The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. Reigns needs to find himself as the reigning, defending champion, not by Raw this Monday, but instead eight months from now, just after WrestleMania 31.

This all leads into what exactly is going to happen in the main event on Sunday’s Battleground PPV, that rumor I mentioned, and Paul Heyman‘s suspicious Plan C. There’s a chance that Lesnar finally makes his return after being absent since WrestleMania XXX — only he’s not coming back to just call out Cena for the belts, he’s coming back to lay waste to everyone in his path. To be more specific, he’s expected to run down to the ring during the main event and beat down all of the competitors, leaving everyone laying on their backs when the event comes to a close. This would mean that Cena is still the champion, but no one had to necessarily lose to him.

The last time a PPV ended similarly to this —Extreme Rules 2013 — fans were hysterical because it was an absurd way to end a PPV. This time though, I feel like it would be far more accepted, especially if Reigns is able to combat The Beast Incarnate until possibly being bum rushed by Orton and Kane as well. I’m not sure if this is going to happen, or if perhaps The Authority will combine their efforts with Lesnar’s goals, labeling him their selected champion and making sure Kane and Orton are on board with it, or else.

If the rumblings hold true –which I’m believing more and more that they will — there won’t be a “winner” tomorrow night, there will only be victims and a Beast standing over what he’s conquered.

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