Bray Wyatt Needs a Clean Win Over Chris Jericho at WWE Battleground

By Jeffrey Harris
bray wyatt
Photo Courtesy of Official WWE Facebook Page

After getting the short end of the stick through most of his feud with John Cena, it is time for Bray Wyatt to rebound with a clean victory over Chris Jericho tonight. Bray Wyatt went out of their way for quite some time to protect and build up Wyatt, only for him to lose most of his major matches with John Cena. Since Jericho has been a great company man, especially in these latter days of his career, having him put Wyatt over would not be a huge surprise.

The feud between Bray Wyatt and John Cena was interesting for a while. It really only served in selling me more on Bray Wyatt’s style and charisma. However, it turned out to be another typical feud for Cena. WWE Creative avoided going in the more interesting directions it could have gone in with the storyline. Wyatt’s lone win over Cena was a dull victory in their cage match at Extreme Rules last May. Cena then retaliated by defeating Wyatt in their Last Man Standing match at WWE Payback in June. Cena winning the feud was not surprising, but what would have been so terrible about Wyatt soundly defeating Cena at least once? Wyatt had already cleanly beaten many of the company’s top faces, including Daniel Bryan.

Jericho is a major player, and he has done it all. He is also an unselfish worker and has no problem putting younger guys over. Hopefully, that is what is happening here between Jericho and Wyatt at Battleground. The WWE should not go the route of a non-finish or disqualification, especially on a pay-per-view event, just to try to extend the feud that way. That would be just as disappointing as having Wyatt lose the match. Wyatt needs to come out of the match with a decisive and clean win.

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