WWE Raw 7/21 Predictions: Brock Lesnar Returns While John Cena Films A Movie

By Shaun Lowe
WWE Twitter
WWE Twitter

Last night was the Battleground PPV, so tonight’s Raw is going to be the fallout of everything that happened. That means Triple H and The Authority are going to come out and strike down their ruling fist on all of those who didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

I expect for Dean Ambrose to be put in some kind of a crazy match or be banned from the building because of his relentless attacks on Seth Rollins last night. Speaking of which, I honestly failed to mention that in my review of Battleground and I’m sorry that I left that out as the fourth most memorable thing from last night.

It wasn’t because there was a match, that part was a glaring omission from the proceedings and never should have even been scheduled to happen in the first place. How WWE didn’t see that as a major storyline driven match, one that needed to see its first bout happen at SummerSlam, I will never know.

They caught their mistake at the last minute, which ended up just making a bunch of fans mad, but then they gave them the second best thing from last night. Rollins and Ambrose going after each other for the majority of the night. Ambrose is going to be punished for what he did, in some way shape or form, I’m just not positive how they’re going to do it yet, but like I said, it will either be an insane match or he’s going to be banned from the premises.

The other fallout from last night is obviously going to be between Kane and Randy Orton. The two goons of The Authority were supposed to bring the gold back to the ruling party of the WWE. It seems like a face turn is imminent for Orton, which is a terrible move if you ask me, because they’re currently building up Roman Reigns to be that second guy next to John Cena.

So having Orton turn right now is going to take away from Reigns. It looks like they’re going to have The Authority drop Orton like a bad habit, leading to him and Kane going at each other for the umpteenth time in WWE history.

I’ve said numerous times that The Ascension is coming, that I expect them soon, and then it just doesn’t happen. They keep teasing us with tweets and hints, leading one to believe that the moment is upon us, that there’s no more waiting needing to be done, but the music doesn’t hit, the duo doesn’t appear on stage and we’re left wondering “when?” once again.

I try to spread out when I say it, but I was nearly certain it would be last night, since it made perfect sense. The problem is that I think they’re continuing with The Uso’s vs. The Wyatt’s through SummerSlam…or Ascension will make their rise tonight and start up a feud with The Uso’s while The Wyatt’s go after The Dust Brothers. Who knows. At this point I’m just wanting it to happen.

The biggest thing that we should expect tonight is the return of Brock Lesnar…finally. The glaring problem here though, is that Cena won’t be around for a couple weeks due to filming a movie. So even if Lesnar does come out behind the curtain, there’s not going to be anyone around for him to go after.

Well, unless if he just attacks another lowly jobber to remind everyone how powerful he is. They needed to start the feud last night, with the two in person, but instead we’re going to have Paul Heyman and Lesnar calling out an absent Cena, challenging him to a match at SummerSlam. Cena is unable to accept for at least two weeks. This doesn’t sound like good TV to me, but perhaps they’ll make it work and keep us entertained.

I honestly don’t have high hopes for Raw tonight because our champ isn’t in fact here, and the Beast Incarnate has no gold to go after until the champ comes back. I’m willing and waiting for WWE to surprise me tonight, to show me that they can put on an incredible show after a let down PPV, but I’m not holding my breathe.

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