CM Punk Says He's Never Going Back To WWE

By RantSports Staff
CM Punk
Getty Images

The latest word on CM Punk is that his WWE contract is now expired. This appears to be the case as Punk has recently reappeared on social media and WWE Network. In his first major public appearance since January, Punk hosted the AP Music Awards at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday.

During the midst of a red carpet interview the topic of wrestling came up. Punk responded in typical fashion:

“Never, ever.”

Punk probably does feel like he’s never going back at this point. His body is likely filled with a lot less pain, and he’s probably in a better place mentally than he has been in years. His stress levels have surely dropped dramatically in the past six months, so of course he’s going to think he’s over wrestling.

But at some point you have to believe he’ll get bored. At some point you have to think he’ll get the itch to perform again. All the conditions would have to be just right, but it’s not out of question even though he’s implying that it is.

At the same time, fans can’t be too mad if he never returns. He had a great run and nearly did it all in the wrestling business. Sure, he walked away six months before he should have, but when a guy is beat up both emotionally and physically — how can you blame him?

The book is closed on CM Punk and WWE right now, but it won’t stay closed forever.

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