WWE's Major Problem With Battleground

By Jeffrey Harris
WWE Battleground
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Had WWE Battleground been an average weekly episode of RAW, it would not be receiving so much criticism. The problem was that the show was not worthy of pay-per-view event status. Other than a hot opener, the show did not justify the money it cost to watch it. WWE has had this problem with many PPV events before the switch to the WWE Network. It was no surprise that WWE’s PPV business was already seeing a downward trend. Events like this seem par for the course from the ‘E.

The card started off fine enough with a hot tag team title match between The Usos and The Wyatts. After that it was all downhill. One of the major matches scheduled for the card between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins never even took place. This was a big selling point for the PPV; but instead, Ambrose was kicked out of the building earlier in the show. The match did not take place as advertised, and the two wrestlers got into a big brawl later in the evening. Saving the actual match between the two for Summerslam is not the worst idea. However, WWE should have teased the match on RAW or Smackdown instead of an actual PPV event. Dangling the carrot of such a great, highly-anticipated match-up for the first time on PPV and then taking it away was a tremendous disappointment.

The worst of it all was the treatment of Cesaro. Not long ago, Cesaro was a hot act in the WWE. That has now been completely squandered by the WWE creative team. Cesaro was eliminated from the WWE Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal at Battleground by perennial jobber Heath Slater. Cesaro is now treading water, when a few months ago he looked like he could have been one of the WWE’s next big main eventers.

Bray Wyatt, whom WWE went out of its way to protect constantly not long ago, lost cleanly to Chris Jericho. One can argue that this is fine if the feud is extended; and Bray Wyatt will ultimately win the war, but not the battle. However, in light of recent WWE creative booking, does anyone have faith the creative team can even do that right?

Post-WrestleMania, the WWE roster looked more exciting than ever. Fresh new faces were elevated up the main card. However, now it appears WWE is regressing, yet again. It seems the momentum WWE usually picks up around WrestleMania can seldom be maintained throughout the summer. Battleground was not worthy of PPV card status at all.

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