Sting Makes First WWE Appearance At Comic-Con; Sign of Things To Come?

By RantSports Staff
Sting WWE

Sting has finally arrived in WWE. Kind of.

After speculation about the iconic superstar’s WWE debut really started to ramp up following his 2k15 commercial, it appears things have already gone to the next level.

The man they call Sting made a surprise appearance at WWE Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday:

While this doesn’t mean that he’ll be working a match anytime soon, it does mean that the two sides are committed to working together on some level. Sting only made the appearance at CC because he wanted to, and WWE let him appear because they obviously wanted him to appear.

It’s not a match. It’s still far from it. But this appearance is just one step closer to the Icon appearing on live WWE television for the first time in his career.

Recent interviews with Sting will lead one to believe that he does in fact want to wrestle on the big stage with WWE, and that the ball is in WWE’s court. They just need to find the right thing for him to do, which will hopefully include a wrestling program or two in the next six or seven months.

If Sting does only have one match, you have to believe it will take place at WrestleMania 31. He’s made it clear he’d like to perform at the spectacle and there’s really no reason for him not to appear in some capacity. His match doesn’t even have to be against Undertaker. Fans will take anything they an get at this point.

For now, baby steps.

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