Top 10 Brock Lesnar Moments

By Andrew Pappas

Top 10 Brock Lesnar Moments

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He was the Next Big Thing. He is now the Beast Incarnate. Brock Lesnar has made his mark on the WWE, even as a part-timer at times, and has given fans some absolutely jaw-dropping moments. Since his debut in 2000, Lesnar has provided a much-needed mean streak to the increasingly PG WWE. Here are the 10 best moments of Lesnar's awesome career.

Lesnar Versus CM Punk Summerslam 2013

Paul Heyman has been a huge part of Lesnar's career. He was also a very large part of CM Punk's career before Punk decided he didn't need a mouthpiece like Heyman. This match boiled down to Heyman's old client versus Heyman's new client, but it was on of the best matches of 2013. Lesnar's victory is probably one of the reasons Punk is no longer with the company, but it certainly boosted Lesnar's resume.

The Next Big Thing Is Here

On the night following WrestleMania X8, the beast who would be known as "The Next Big Thing,” Brock Lesnar put his superhuman strength on display for the first time while destroying three superstars who were competing in a hardcore match. Accompanied by Paul Heyman, Lesnar annihilated Maven, Al Snow and particularly Spike Dudley who was on the wrong end of a triple powerbomb.

"Don't do it, you're gonna kill him!"

Lesnar's power is a main theme in most of these moments, but on this particular night, it was his viciousness that put the WWE on notice. As his star continued to grow, he took out the biggest star in the history of the company. In a match with Hulk Hogan, Lesnar bear-hugged him until he passed out, and continued the assault with a steel chair. Lesnar busted Hogan's head open and put fear into the eyes of everyone in the locker room.

Lesnar Superplexes Big Show, Ring Collapses

The debate will continue forever: was this supposed to happen or not? The truth is unknown, but either way, this was a hell of a scene. I mean, Lesnar should've expected this result. A superplex of the largest athlete of all time, the ring didn't stand a chance. Another example of his raw, incredible strength.

Lesnar Targets Cena

We've seen this from other superstars who are part-timers as well. The idea of coming back and targeting the guy on top, and that guy for the past decade has been John Cena. In the middle of a Cena promo, Lesnar's music hits and the crowd pop almost took the roof off. Lesnar slowly walked to the ring, like a lion eyeing his prey and delivered the F-5 to Cena.

Ironman Match versus Kurt Angle

Lesnar and Angle are two of the most technically proficient superstars of all time and this may have been their best match to ever together. It is also one of the best Iron Man matches ever. Lesnar got himself DQ'd for a few falls early in the match for his use of a steel chair (a common weapon in Brock's career), but the strategy seemed like it was working. Lesnar took control of the match as Angle was too beat up to compete. Angle made a late run, but could not catch Lesnar who regained the WWE title.

Hell In A Cell

The hell in a cell match is one of the most brutal matches there is in the WWE. In this particular match, Lesnar was defending his title against The Undertaker. This was one of the bloodiest matches I can remember, especially for Taker, whose face was covered in blood as he lost to Lesnar. In celebration, Lesnar climbed to the top of the cell and raised his belt over his head, one of the most iconic images of his career.

Wrestlemania XIX

Another Angle-Lesnar match, this time on the grandest stage of them all. Angle went into the match pretty banged up from recent injuries so the match was not as great as it could've been, but there were some outstanding moments. The most incredible moment came on a botched shooting star press from Lesnar. Late in the match, he attempted the high-risk maneuver with Angle more than halfway across the ring. Lesnar only rotated about 80 percent and nearly broke his neck on the fall. Incredibly, he finished the match with a monstrous F-5 that sealed his win.

Brock Beats Rock

The Rock, who was the WWE champion at the time, was preparing to leave the company at the time to begin his acting career. Lesnar was a full-on superstar at this point, and became the youngest champion in history with his victory. Another win sealed with his finishing move, the F-5.

Eat, Sleep, Break The Streak

The Streak. One of the most impressive feats in sports history. The Undertaker was 21-0 at Wrestlemania when he squared off against Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX. For weeks, Lesnar and Paul Heyman went to the ring to declare that the streak had reached the end. They were supremely confident, and their confidence proved true. Lesnar defeated a rundown Undertaker. An outcome that left WWE fans across the world in shock. Silence came over the New Orleans Superdome as Lesnar's arm was being raised signifying the end of The Streak. Lesnar had set WWE records; he had won UFC titles; but after this match, breaking The Streak will forever be atop his resume.

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