WWE Rumors: Sheamus Playing Darth Vader In Star Wars 7

By RantSports Staff
Sheamus WWE
Getty Images

In the random sports and entertainment rumor of the day, it appears Sheamus could be playing the part of Darth Vader in Star Wars Episode 7.

The WWE star is currently in Ireland where the movie is supposedly filming, and if the internet rumors weren’t enough to confuse wrestling and sci-fi fans, Sheamus decided to confuse everybody a bit further with this tweet:

There are a couple of factors that fans are pointing to which could indicate these rumors are completely false: (1) Darth Vader is dead. This would mean that if he’s in the new movie, it would likely be brief and in some sort of flashback scene. (2) Sheamus is from Ireland and could easily just be there visiting family. It’s also thought that he wouldn’t reveal details about the upcoming movie, like him being in it, because filmmakers are trying their best to keep everything a secret.

If Sheamus is Vader, it would be huge for his career and for WWE. It would give the sports entertainment company the crossover publicity it so desires, and it could prove to be a launching point for Sheamus’ Hollywood career.

One thing is for sure, Sheamus won’t be doing anything but putting on the Vader suit if he is indeed in the upcoming film. His Irish accent doesn’t exactly fit the bill for the voice of Darth Vader.

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