WWE Raw Predictions (8/4): Roman Reigns Responds

By Shaun Lowe
WWE Twitter
WWE Twitter

WWE is really pushing towards making sure SummerSlam is something special, which is why I think they up the ante tonight on Raw. I doubt that Brock Lesnar is going to show; I think they save that for the go home episode before the PPV. That doesn’t mean they won’t have Paul Heyman and John Cena cut another incredible promo, because I certainly think they’ll go that route for at least another week.

Last Monday, Cena and Heyman went verbally toe to toe in what was probably the year’s best promo vs. promo moment. What aided the spectacle was the vitriol that was pouring out of Cena during the entirety of the skit, where the leader of the Cenation was visibly upset. It was strange to see a man who’s normally so stoic and lighthearted come off so incredibly angry throughout his entire time on camera. Part of me honestly wonders if he’s more than aware that he’s losing the belts at SummerSlam and he’s upset that he was ever given them in the first place just to positively lose them a few months later. It would certainly explain why he’s been wearing the belts like a boa instead of around his waist like he normally would. This time around he has no attachment to his championship reign, because it’s just going to slip away to a guy who only shows up a handful of times a year rather than someone who dedicates nearly all of his time to furthering the company he loves so dearly. Cena puts in 24/7/365, while Lesnar shows his face maybe 10 times throughout the entire 52 weeks but gets a victory over The Undertaker and wins the WWE World Heavyweight Championship all in one fiscal year. I would be mad too, but he has to know what he’s getting into and why; that match is set to be one of the biggest in years and will be sure to solidify WWE Network numbers.

Outside of that, we’re set to see the Paige vs. AJ rivalry continue, coming off the heels of AJ suffering an injury last Friday on Smackdown. What they’re doing with that feud I have no idea, but I’ve got my fingers crossed they won’t screw up Paige for good. That girl has so much potential, especially as a heel, and it would be a shame to see her wasted.

The Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt feud will result in Jericho having a match against Luke Harper tonight, where if Jericho wins it will mean that Harper is banned from ringside at SummerSlam. Jericho fought against Erik Rowan on Smackdown with those same stipulations, where he came away with the victory, coming so close to assuring him that his match against Bray will be a one-on-one rather than essentially a handicap match. I’m honestly bored of this feud already; I just want the SummerSlam match to happen and Jericho to move on to someone else where he can be himself rather than this weird, toned down and afraid version he is now. It’s not telling me a story or helping to put Bray over any more than he already is. I already sit before the alter of Bray; I don’t need more convincing. It’s just making Jericho look weak.

Roman Reigns needs to respond to the intense beating he suffered last week at the hands of Randy Orton. I’m not sure if he’ll get his hands on Orton or not, but I do think the show closes out with either Roman standing tall or with Dean Ambrose doing something similar. That’s about the only other thing I think they’ll cover tonight. I’m hoping they don’t feel the need to stir the pot more with Stephanie McMahon and the Bella Twins, making sure the buildup to the SummerSlam match between Ambrose and Seth Rollins gets an adrenaline boost this week and next week so fans are even more pumped for a match that will likely steal the show at the second biggest PPV the company presents. If you want to be blown away, then look no further than Ambrose/Rollins going toe to toe for real.

SummerSlam needs to be built more, which is why tonight, I think WWE makes sure to put some weight behind the matches in less than two weeks.

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