WWE Spoilers: Dean Ambrose Announces SummerSlam Stipulation

By Shaun Lowe
WWE Twitter
WWE Twitter

Dean Ambrose is set to choose the stipulation of his match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam on Friday’s episode of Smackdown. Being that Smackdown is filmed on Tuesdays, that answer has already been revealed, and if you’re not wanting to have anything spoiled, turn away now.

It was reported from several fans at the show that Ambrose comes out and does what sounds to be a very lengthy promo, ending with him making his choice for the stipulation: a Lumberjack match.

If you’re anything like me, the choice is odd and doesn’t add up with this feud in the slightest. I thought it would turn out to be a Street Fight, a TLC match or even just a straight up one-on-one. No matter the choice, I always assumed the Money In The Bank briefcase would be on the line. Now that we’re told it’s a lumberjack match, I just can’t imagine that’s going to 100 percent stick. I think he’s going to add to it on Raw or even on the final Smackdown before SummerSlam. What he ends up adding is completely up in the air, as is him adding to it at all. As a fan, I just hope they don’t leave it at that boring of a stipulation.

If Ambrose opts to make things more interesting, I think they need to not only put the briefcase up for grabs, but also make it so that we see a lumberjack match like never before. What if they throw in that each lumberjack has a weapon in hand? Maybe have Ambrose combine his craziness with the match, where if you get tossed out you get hit with a kendo stick 10 times or something else equally strange? Heck, the best option is to combine this with a street fight, where they’re not wrestling in a ring, but instead are in the parking lot, surrounded by a circle of their lumberjack peers. Then every time that one of them gets too far outside the circle, they can get thrown into/through a car.

Who knows what’s going to come of this choice until the bell for it rings, I’ve just got my fingers crossed we don’t see them standing in the ring with a bunch of random guys from the back, surrounding it like every other boring lumberjack match that they’ve ever thrown in front of us.

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