5 Predictions for Sting's WWE Debut

By Nicholas A. Marsico

5 Predictions for Sting's WWE Debut

Courtesy: Sting (Steve Borden) - Facebook

Sting has finally become associated with World Wrestling Entertainment. For the first time in his multi-decade career we have a chance to see Sting inside a WWE ring. Who will he wrestle? Will he wrestle anybody? Will he even appear on television? Here are 5 possibilities for the debut of Sting in WWE.

5 - Without His Trademark Facepaint

Very few people (if any) associate the character Sting with the man who portrays him, Steve Borden. During the Main Event Mafia angles in TNA he spent plenty of time without it, but that's the exception to the career-long rule. He can appear as a special guest on RAW during Hulk Hogan's birthday celebration and get called out by a younger wrestler who eventually goads him into putting on the facepaint for one more match.

4 - Challenging The Undertaker

Sting has gone on record many times over the past few months that he still wants to wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania even with the streak broken. Both men are well past their primes but as a special attraction match on the middle of the card it works well. Instead of alluding to it or building up the WWE debut of Sting for weeks or months, just have him appear out of nowhere on an episode of RAW in February or March and have him make the challenge. People have been disappointed on a number of occasions with speculated buildup for a Sting debut (remember 2.21.11?) so I think having his music hit without warning during RAW would be a great surprise debut.

3 - Crashing Hogan's Birthday Party

The rumors are saying that there will be a reunion of the nWo on Monday's RAW for Hulk Hogan's birthday ceremony. For old time's sake, why not have Sting make an appearance and set his sights on the nWo one last time? It doesn't have to be an actual fight, but have him threaten an attack before hugging it out.

2 - The Real Sting In An Army of Clones

Sting's debut in WWE isn't going to lead to him sticking around for years after the fact. He's going to show up, do whatever it is he's going to do and then sit around collecting royalty checks for the rest of his days. Why not pull one out of the greatest hits collection? Have a cocky young heel challenge Sting to show up the following week on RAW. Sting's music hits the next week but it's just the heel playing a joke. Later in the evening he gets attacked by a fake Sting but easily disposes of him. Finally, one week later, he calls "Sting" out to put the issue to bed once and for all, and his plan is to have a bunch of fake Stings that he can beat up. Just like in the clip above, one of them is the real Sting.

1 - To Promote A DVD And Join The Hall of Fame

It would be great to see Sting in a WWE ring, but at this point it's now or never. If they can't come to a deal to have Sting wrestle Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 (or if 'Taker isn't medically cleared) they aren't going to do it. I would much prefer to see Sting spend a few months on TV and PPV wrestling current stars, but that is not in the cards. I think that the most likely scenario is that a multi-disc DVD collection, a bunch of WWE Network specials and a Hall of Fame induction are going to be the majority of what we see of Sting in World Wrestling Entertainment. I'm sure we'll get to see a Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Death Drop, but it won't be in a match.

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