Sting Does Not Need to Return to the Ring

By Jeffrey Harris
Sting vs. Undertaker
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One of the most hotly debated topics and rumors in recent months is if and when the pro wrestling icon known as Sting will return to the ring and whom he will face. In the past, Sting has voiced interest in facing The Undertaker in a match. Considering The Undertaker’s performance against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30, Sting’s wear and tear and the broken WrestleMania streak, one wonders if that is the best idea. With the way Sting has performed in the ring in recent years, a likely sub-par WWE match to close out his career is really not necessary.

Sting is currently 55 years old and he has completely peaked in terms of his in-ring performance. He has not put on an epic, or even high quality, one-on-one match in years. His significant matches in TNA Wrestling were often marred by terrible booking or just overbooking period. Sting’s matches with Samoa Joe were letdowns. There was a time and place where one almost believed that Joe and Sting could have had a huge showdown at the 2006 Bound for Glory event, where Sting could have passed the torch of sorts to Joe. That did not happen, and instead fans were forced to endure a sub-par feud between Jeff Jarrett and Sting. The following year, Sting had a dull feud with Kurt Angle, where Angle creepily stalked Sting’s son.

Sting has never performed before in a WWE ring. The WWE style is a completely different style from the way Sting has generally worked in the past in WCW and TNA. Considering that Sting is much older and he has had to slow down a great deal in the ring, it is better for him not to return to put on a sub-par quality match that would leave fans around the world with a bad taste in their mouths.

At this point, Sting has peaked as a worker and has done pretty much the absolute best he can do. Sting deserves the accolades of some special new compilation home video releases and even a WWE Hall of Fame induction. However, at this point, a return to the ring that would not live up to expectations is really not necessary to cap off his career.

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