WWE Rumors: Sting To Appear On Raw For Hulk Hogan's Birthday

By Shaun Lowe
Daily WWE News Twitter
Daily WWE News Twitter

The early word on tomorrow’s episode of Raw — aka Hulk Hogan‘s Birthday Bash — is that we’re set to see a lot of returns and surprises.

The biggest known secret is that the NWO is going to appear, in some shape or form. It will likely be a returning Kevin Nash — who last showed up on a WWE production back no January’s PPV, the Royal Rumble Scott Hall showing his face on a WWE production for the first time since the Hall Of Fame ceremony, and Big Show coming out to complete the original group of four. If they want to stick to simplicity, they’ll make it so the group is left at a threesome, because the NWO was a three man faction for a fairly long stretch, with Big Show being the fourth official member.

Having the NWO appear together would allow for the WWE to hint at the faction into the WWE Hall Of Fame next year, something that’s already assumed by most — with The Rock being inducted along with them. While that would be a huge return, it isn’t the biggest rumored appearance for tomorrow night, not by a long shot; that spot is reserved for Sting.

It’s a tale that’s over a decade in the making, one that WWE fans have loudly been asking for, for Sting to finally make his appearance on Vince McMahon‘s wrestling promotion. I have a hard time believing that WWE would waste his first ever WWE appearance to be on an episode of Raw, let alone one that is of little consequence. While I love Hulk Hogan and I’ll be participating in wishing him a happy birthday tomorrow, Raw is the go-home episode before next Sunday’s PPV, SummerSlam. That means viewership will be down, and very little will happen in terms of monumental moves or happenings, because that type of stuff is saved for the Raw following a major PPV, not just before it.

I can’t picture them actually following through on bringing him in to celebrate Hogan’s birthday, but I can imagine them teasing his return during tomorrow night’s episode. They could easily just have Hogan drop a line like “He’s coming,” just to mess with fans. They could even put an image on the Titantron of  Sting’s logo or start doing vignette’s that will lead to his lauded appearance.

We’re in for some fun moments tomorrow, including a few incredible returns. While Sting is heavily rumored to be among them, I’m not holding my breath.

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