Another WWE Tag Team Division Reboot

By Nicholas A. Marsico
The Usos
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A couple of years ago when Triple H gained some “official” power backstage, one thing that was apparently a high priority was tag team wrestling. It took a little time and some trial-and-error, but eventually we found ourselves with a bonafide group of legitimate tag teams. Some were good, some were okay and some were 3MB. As it always happens, however, after a period of time with a number of legitimate contenders, the division devolved to include the champions, their one challenging team and a few other teams used either for comedy or filler for the long, long episodes of Monday Night RAW.

As it stands at this moment, on top we have the champions The Usos and the men who have been their challengers for the past couple of months, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. The Rybaxel experiment does not appear to be coming to an end, no matter how many times they wrestle in complete silence. Cody Rhodes and Goldust were on a great roll until their split-up angle, and while the interactions between Stardust and Goldust are ridiculous and in my opinion fantastic, they aren’t being treated like a top team like they were when they united last fall.

I spoke about Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O’Neil) recently, and while my speculation is that they could be built up as an entertaining team, chances are that they won’t last very long before it’s completely forgotten that they ever existed as a pair. I’m not being pessimistic, but they were on SmackDown one time and haven’t been paired up on RAW yet. A couple weeks ago, a seemingly repackaged Xavier Woods accosted Big E and Kofi Kingston on RAW, but there has been no mention of it since it occurred.

On the most recent episode of SmackDown, The Big Show made his return and teamed up in a winning effort with Mark Henry. asked if they could become the new Colossal Connection, which likely means nothing at all, but could possibly be a sign that there is a chance that the two men may stick together.

Where does that leave us? The Usos are on top followed by Rowan and Harper. The rest of the tag teams that have been around for a while are pretty much even. Ryback and Curtis Axel are middle-of-the-pack, Stardust and Goldust are comedy for now, Slater and O’Neil recently beat those two and Big E & Kofi could be a great pair of heels to challenge the Usos if they haven’t disbanded them before getting out of the gate. If Big Show and Mark Henry stick around, that makes them obvious contenders to any champions.

If all of the teams mentioned above stick together, it could become the makings of a pretty strong division. I would rank them like this: (1) The Usos, (2) Harper & Rowan, (3) Big Show & Mark Henry, (4) Big E & Kofi Kingston, (5) Rybaxel, (6) Stardust & Goldust, (7) Slater Gator. Bring up The Ascension and they automatically jump up to that fourth spot, team up Sin Cara and Kalisto who could jump right in there (feud with Stardust & Goldust = awesome) and you have nine teams, plus Los Matadores when Primo (Diego?) returns from injury.

It’s not exactly a gritty reboot, but there is a ton of potential.

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