WWE Rumors: Is Newest Stable Already Finished?

By Shaun Lowe
Vince McMahon
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Over the weekend, it was reported that Big EKofi Kingston and Xavier Woods all went their own ways. Each one either tag teamed or had a singles match without any interaction from the others. This comes as quite a surprise, considering they were supposed to be forming a new stable.

Several weeks ago, Woods came out to the ring after a tag team match featuring Big E and Kofi, telling them that they needed to come together and take what was theirs. This was seen as a promising venture by most fans, because we haven’t seen anything like that type of group in years … at least one that’s successful.

They’re disgruntled wrestlers, frustrated by always ending up in the mid-card, never really experiencing a high level of success. That has lead to them believing that they could be much stronger together, and they won’t settle for anything but the best any longer. How could you not be interested in seeing that?

Vince McMahon came up with the idea of having the trio come together, but it seems that his attention span on the group has faltered or withered away completely. It’s been said for years that Vince loses his interest quickly if things don’t pan out immediately, and this is one of those times when fans were interested, but not exactly biting yet. That’s the problem though — there was enough promise in that grouping that fans would have caught on relatively quickly.

Kofi has always been an exciting person to watch, but is destined to be nothing but a mid-carder who is used in battle royals for fun moments; Xavier Woods, who’s a brilliant man — the guy has a doctorate for crying out loud — would have been right at home as the leader of the group. Big E, who was a bonafide superstar in the making but had a tendency to be little reckless, scared the higher-ups into thinking that he wouldn’t correct things, and they didn’t want to risk his health nor anyone else’s.

I hope that the rumors aren’t true, but it sounds like the stable is already finished. It’s a shame, because I think all three of them could have greatly benefited from this move. Here’s to hoping that even with the three of them appearing to go their separate ways, they’ll find a way to prominence soon.

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