Top 10 CM Punk Moments

By Nicholas A. Marsico

Top 10 CM Punk Moments

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CM Punk may be retired from professional wrestling (for now), but over a long career, he created many magic moments. These are his top 10 moments as a WWE Superstar.

10 - CM Punk Debuts at the Hammerstein Ballroom

On Aug. 1, 2006, CM Punk made his official in-ring debut for WWE's version of the ECW brand. The show was held at one of ECW's most legendary venues, the Hammerstein Ballroom at the Manhattan Center in New York City. The audience in attendance gave the debuting performer a rousing ovation; many of them knew who CM Punk was for years earlier thanks to his work in Ring of Honor, which got him noticed by WWE.

9- CM Punk Sings Happy Birthday To Aalyah Mysterio

During Punk's messiah phase, he entered into a feud with Rey Mysterio that eventually ended up with Punk losing his hair. Before that, however, the feud ramped up to a whole new level when the Straight Edge Savior interrupted a family celebration and sang Happy Birthday to Mysterio's young daughter.

8 - CM Punk Impersonates Jeff Hardy

Before Jeff Hardy left WWE in 2009, he found himself entangled in a feud with CM Punk over the World Heavyweight Championship. It was the first time Punk was able to use his Straight Edge lifestyle to portray himself as a heel. After defeating Hardy and retiring him from WWE, Punk played a trick on the SmackDown audience when he entered the arena impersonating the formerly-employed Hardy.

7 - CM Punk Does Commentary!

This isn't one singular moment, but every time CM Punk donned the broadcaster's jacket and sat down behind the commentary table, it was pure gold. From spending an entire episode of NXT making fun of everybody to one-upping Michael Cole as the ambassador for the Anonymous RAW General Manager and hosting RAW himself the night the entire roster went on strike, CM Punk was always the preeminent entertainer.

6 - CM Punk Gets A Bigger Reaction Than DX

Punk's first pay-per-view appearance was at the 2006 Survivor Series event on which he teamed with DX and The Hardyz to take on Edge, Randy Orton, Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox and Gregory Helms. The team captained by DX won in a clean sweep with the entire team surviving. The real story was that in a match in which he was teaming with two humongous tag teams in DX and The Hardyz, it was CM Punk who received the crowd's adulation.

5 - CM Punk Wins The ECW Championship

After over a full year on the main roster with ECW, CM Punk was able to finally capture his brand's top title. The crowd was ready and waiting for it as early as his first title shot all the way back in December of 2006, but he would not get his hands on the gold until September of 2007. The men had a pair of very underwhelming matches on PPV, but in Punk's "last chance" match against reigning champion John Morrison, not only did Punk win the title, but the two men put together a fantastic wrestling match that closed with a great moment.

4 - CM Punk Wins The Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a Second Time

Punk is one of only two men to cash in successfully two times at MITB (the other being Edge). This WrestleMania moment was years in the making; in 2006, he rode on the side of a car in Chicago holding a tommy gun as part of John Cena's entrance. In 2007, his claim to fame in Money in the Bank was taking the RKO from Randy Orton off of the ladder. Then he won the match in 2008 and 2009.

3 - CM Punk Cashes In Money In The Bank on Edge

CM Punks's first MITB win led to cashing in on the Ultimate Opportunist himself. The night after Extreme Rules 2008 saw Punk win the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time. Pretty good for a guy who was one of the losers in a fove-man Singapore Cane match the night before with a shot at Kane's ECW Title on the line at the next PPV.

2 - CM Punk Wins The WWE Title In Chicago and Takes The Belt Hostage

CM Punk's real-life contract was set to end right around the time of the Money in the Bank PPV that was to be held in his hometown of Chicago, Ill. It spawned the beginning of the Summer of Punk (II), which featured the amazing "shoot" promo from the top of the stage and ended (albeit too soon) when he defeated John Cena again the following month only to immediately lose the title to Alberto Del Rio.

1 - The Infamous First Pipe Bomb

This promo needs no introduction, nor does it need an explanation. Wrestling fans talk about this on a regular basis and will for years to come. CM Punk at his best.

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