Vince McMahon and His Short Attention Span

By Ryan Ball
Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon – Getty Images

It looks like we have another victim of Vince McMahon’s lack of attention span. According to the Wrestling Observer newsletter, the push for Bo Dallas has ended. This explains his surprising loss to R-Truth a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw. While the loss was a head-scratcher, it did give some development to the Bo Dallas character. A brutal post match beating of R-Truth gave Dallas an edge that started to make him look more than just a comedy character. More evidence of the Wrestling Observer’s report is Bo Dallas was absent from the most recent episode of Raw.

The Bo Dallas character was getting a lot of positive fan reaction despite being a heel. Like his real life brother, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas bought into his character and delivered some hilarity with his good comedic timing and great facial expressions.

Getting the call up from NXT hasn’t been the dream come true it should be for some WWE superstars; a large thanks to Vince McMahon and producer Kevin Dunn. It was widely reported Vince has similar feelings toward the party-loving Adam Rose character. However, there are reasons to be down on the Rose character. After weeks of debut vignettes and a good response from the NXT crowd, the Rose character was dead on arrival. The more casual Monday Night Raw crowds weren’t exactly Rosebuds.

Then you have WWE Diva Emma. Who, like Rose, had an over babyface shtick in NXT and compelling matches to boot. An ill-advised pairing with Santino Marella and a go-nowhere feud with Fandango killed any chance she had to make herself a star.

Despite all this, Bo Dallas fans shouldn’t fret. He is only 24 years old and has the charisma it takes to be a star, in some fashion, for years to come. Maybe after he does a few crunches and tightens up that flabby belly, Vince will change his mind. All he has to do is, Bo-lieve!

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