WWE 2K15 Roster Revealed

By Nicholas A. Marsico
Courtesy WWE 2K15 Facebook
Courtesy WWE 2K15 Facebook

It’s the final day before WWE SummerSlam and the company’s weekend in Los Angeles featured superstar question and answer panels, photo-ops and other chances for fans to interact with the biggest stars of today and yesteryear. Much like the panels, WWE’s upcoming video game, WWE 2K15, will have the biggest stars from the present, as well as some from the past.

The list released on Saturday afternoon, which may not be the full roster according to the official WWE 2K15 website, currently has 59 men and women announced. Other than Sting, who has both a Crow and “Retro” version available only if you pre-order (and one would assume will be available with a DLC pack later on), there are no legends that we haven’t seen and played as before. Red & Yellow Hogan is featured along with “Hollywood” Hogan, and those can only be accessed by purchasing the “Hulkamania” version of the game. I don’t understand the logic of that outside of trying to make money by… having people buy the game twice? As with Sting, one would guess that the Hogan versions will be available to be purchased for download at a later date. The other wrestlers who are, for all intents and purposes, retired are Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker. Some sources also include Kevin Nash, Booker T and Ric Flair.

Notable inclusions, and remember it’s easier to remove characters than to create and add new ones on time for release, are CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio. One would think that if they are not being included that they would not have been listed on the initial roster release day, so they may indeed be in the final product. Punk is more surprising than Del Rio, of course, since ADR has barely been gone for a couple of weeks while Punk has been out for almost this entire year.

When roster unveiling time comes every year, droves come out of the woodwork to complain that “so-and-so” isn’t in the game and should be or that “such-and-such” is on the roster and has no right to be. The ability for all of the consoles to make downloadable content (DLC) available online after the game is released to the public makes up for that, so if your favorite star isn’t in the game at the start, chances are he or she will eventually make it into a downloadable superstar pack.

The roster at this present time:

Bray Wyatt || Cesaro || Hulk Hogan || John Cena || Roman Reigns
Sting || Sting (Retro) || Chris Jericho || Dolph Ziggler || Fandango
Sheamus || Big Show || Damien Sandow || Brock Lesnar || CM Punk
Triple H || Shawn Michaels || Goldust || Dean Ambrose || Batista
Jey Uso || Jimmy Uso || AJ Lee || Big E || Jack Swagger || Tyson Kidd
Darren Young || Rey Mysterio || Nikki Bella || Brie Bella || Titus O’Neil
The Rock || Hollywood Hulk Hogan || Seth Rollins || Kofi Kingston
R-Truth || Justin Gabriel || Randy Orton || Naomi || Daniel Bryan
Xavier Woods || The Miz || Tamina || Rob Van Dam || Steve Austin
Erick Rowan || Luke Harper || The Undertaker || Alberto Del Rio
Bad News Barrett || Booker T || Cameron || Cody Rhodes || Curtis Axel
Kane || Kevin Nash || Mark Henry || Natalya || Ric Flair || Ryback
Santino Marella || Summer Rae

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