WWE Raw Predictions (8/18): SummerSlam Fallout

By Shaun Lowe


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Tonight, Raw is going to be all about the SummerSlam fallout, with Brock Lesnar‘s win and Nikki Bella‘s heel turn being the biggest talking points. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see the first glimpse of Sting or if there are any other returns/debuts, as the WWE tends to use the Raw after the big PPVs to reveal new and returning stars.

There will of course be other things discussed, like Jack Swagger letting down Zeb Colter and all of America in what was one of the worst matches of the night. I’m looking forward to Zeb dropping Swagger like a sack of potatoes and bringing in his new All-American star, which I think will happens tonight.

Who will he choose? That is difficult to say, because it depends on whether or not they want to bring up someone from NXT like Mojo Rawley, or if they want to pair him with a current star like Big E.

Is there any chance there’s any merit to Lana‘s threats toward Paul Heyman and Lesnar about Rusev crushing Lesnar for the belt? Having Rusev go after the belt this soon, especially against someone like Lesnar in his current unstoppable monster iteration, would make for some interesting and brutal matches, but is Rusev ready for that level of a push?

I know they’re wanting to turn him into the modern version of Umaga, but having him get destroyed by Lesnar would only succeed in reducing Rusev to the midcard forever; that is unless they’re smart and have him go toe to toe with Lesnar … even if he does lose every match. Making Rusev look strong in every matchup would cause his legitimacy to rise and he’s not feuding with Cena, so he’ll be able rebound into another feud soon after.

Roman Reigns beating Orton last night was really big for Reigns, even if it seems most people weren’t interested in the match. Reigns needs to move on from Orton, but who’s waiting in the shadows for him? Is it Triple H, or do they have someone else in mind? Please don’t let it be Kane.

Paige should be flaunting her newest Diva’s Championship reign tonight, which I’m expecting will be met with a reaction from AJ Lee. However, there won’t be a title defense or swap tonight. I think AJ will finally congratulate Paige for real and skip back up the ramp, never to be seen again.

This should set up the next feud for Paige, which I’m thinking will be against Natalya or Nikki, but there’s a super off-chance that it will be a freshly called-up Charlotte from NXT. There’s also the chance that AJ sticks around for one last match at Night Of Champions, but I don’t see her sticking around longer than that.

Cena should either be reacting to his loss tonight, resulting in his next feud, which could turn out to be Cesaro, or he’s going to be off TV to show how much damage Lesnar really did. If they want to make it seem like Cena was truly beaten down and decimated, they’ll keep him off TV for a couple of weeks.

Nikki is expected to announce her reasoning for turning her back on Brie last night, which won’t be anything particularly interesting; she’ll say that the things she’s gone through was Brie’s fault, and Stephanie McMahon opened her eyes to it. That will start their feud, which I’m nervous to see because I don’t know how compelling they’ll be.

Dean Ambrose is leaving soon to film a movie, so while I think he’ll address Seth Rollins, I don’t think it will go anywhere. Lastly, I think we see something done with the tag team division tonight, most likely with Big Show/Mark Henry and The Dust Brothers working towards contendership for the title belts.

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