WWE Rumors: AJ Lee Is Leaving The Company For Good

By Shaun Lowe
AJLeeUkWidows Twitter
@AJLeeUkWidows Twitter

I couldn’t imagine Paige winning the belt from AJ Lee Sunday night at SummerSlam, not because she’s not deserving of it, but because it was Paige’s birthday, and the WWE never lets anyone win on their birthday. Having Paige win was the smart move, which is something the WWE hasn’t been following through on for quite some time.

With Paige winning the title from AJ for a second time, it feels like the torch has officially been passed. I don’t think AJ is going to be around for very much longer. In fact, there’s a chance this was her last match. I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes out on Monday, confronting Paige about the win, but ultimately, I think she congratulates Paige and leaves the ring for good.

Paige winning the belt after WrestleMania was a monumental moment. She is a natural-born heel, one that needs to be unleashed on the audience because she’s spectacular at it. The issue with how she was used at first is that they tried to shove her down everyone’s throat as a babyface, something that goes against everything she’s been in the developmental circuit and opposite of why fans gravitated to her in the first place.

AJ brought out the best in Paige, and revealed what she can be if allowed the persona that suits her best. With that being said, now is the time for AJ to leave. Not because I want her gone, but since she wants to go live her life with CM Punk, something she’s more than earned.

The Diva’s torch has been handed over from the best Diva since Trish Stratus, a move that will help to fully resurrect the Diva’s division. This is most likely goodbye to one of the best the business has seen, but it’s also the true welcoming of the next best in the business.

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