WWE Superstar Bo Dallas, Deserves A Major Push

By Shaun Lowe
Photo Credit: WWEDaniel_
Photo Credit: WWEDaniel_

Ever since he first showed up at the Royal Rumble in 2013, Bo Dallas has been a person of interest in the WWE. He appeared in the rumble, took out his trainer/mentor in Wade Barrett, then had a mini-feud with Barrett over the next few weeks. Once the feud seemed over, Bo disappeared from WWE TV all together, only to appear on NXT a short time later, where he would win and become their longest-reigning champion.

The NXT crowd grew tired of Bo, begging the leader of the Bolievers to please Boleave; which he was forced to do after losing a match to Adrian Neville. Once NXT had finally rid themselves of Bo, he appeared on Smackdown for the first time in well over a year.

What’s a little interesting to note here is that while Adam Rose and Alexander Rusev both got opportunities to debut on WWE’s flagship show Raw, Dallas was delegated to their B-show.

After showing up on Smackdown that first time, he went on to win 18 straight matches, or what was affectionately known as him going 18 and Bo. He eventually lost to R-Truth. It’s said that Vince McMahon simply grew tired of Bo and didn’t want to continue pushing him, so they had him lose.

It’s a shame too, because having someone like Bo win 20-30 straight matches or more would have made for a character the WWE Universe would have gotten behind, even if they didn’t like him at the start.

I was not a Boliever when I first saw the new iteration of Bo Dallas, nor was I fan a couple of months afterward. I saw this guy who was jiggly and out of shape for a wrestler,  who just smiled and kept asking fans to just Bolieve in him and themselves, just being generally irritating and seemingly useless. As the weeks went on, I found myself no longer skipping his matches or his promos, I was wanting to make sure I caught them, even if I didn’t like the guy.

Then I heard one of the best suggestions for a wrestler that I’ve ever heard.  The person suggested that Bo have a submission hold, where once it’s locked in, Bo keeps telling his opponent to keep Bolieving in themselves, and to not give up. When they finally tap, he gets disappointed and either attacks them for giving up on themselves, or says they’ll do better next time — all they have to do is bolieve.

That’s when everything changed for me. I finally understood the character, why he’s around, and what kind of entertainment he can bring. I’m not saying that Bo is capable of being the next great heel, but this guy could be one of the top three on the roster. He’s easy to hate, easy to laugh at, and he plays his character perfectly; you need only pay enough attention to him to fully grasp his purpose, and then you can’t help but get behind him.

Bo deserves a major push. Not to the level of being WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but at least in contention for the Intercontinental Championship, because he and Dolph Ziggler could have a great feud. Bo is a talent unlike anything we’ve seen not for his physical prowess, but for his entertainment capabilities.

Vince needs to realize that he’s sitting on something good here, instead of just assuming he won’t work because fans took a little while to appreciate him.

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