5 Reasons Why Kurt Angle Needs To Retire In WWE

By Nicholas A. Marsico

5 Reasons Why Kurt Angle Needs To Retire In WWE

Kurt Angle
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Kurt Angle has been away from WWE for 8 years, and with his TNA contract coming to an end, now is the perfect opportunity to have one final run with the company that made him a star in professional wrestling. He has unfinished business and new wrestlers to compete with in the squared circle.

5 - There Is Nothing Left To Do In TNA

Kurt Angle Hall of Famer
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Kurt has been with TNA for just under 8 years now, and there is nothing he hasn't accomplished. He has wrestled on the face side and as a heel, he has held every title (including one time in which he had them all at once) and has competed in every dream match the company has been able to offer. He was inducted into TNA's Hall of Fame and now sits as a big fish in a small pond that simply has nothing left to offer.

4 - To Be A Trainer Or Backstage Agent

Kurt Angle
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Many people believe that Kurt should be retired as an active wrestler. That's probably true, if only so he can play with his kids as they get older instead of having to chase them in a wheelchair. Kurt has so much knowledge to give that he would be an absolute treasure to have backstage at WWE shows or as a trainer for NXT, even if it's just part time.

3 - Angle vs. Lesnar: One More Match

Kurt Angle Brock Lesnar
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Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar wrestled each other in a number of fantastic matches, but both men are very different now. Kurt is more of a grizzled veteran than ever before and Brock is no longer a rookie with barely a year on the WWE roster under his belt. Brock is a complete destroyer and a bigger threat than ever before. A match between Lesnar and Angle in 2014 or 2015 could be different from anything we have ever seen before in a wrestling ring

2 - Inclusion In The WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Hall of Fame
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Kurt was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, which definitely has a good small list of names, but the big one is WWE's HOF. It will give him the validation I'm sure he feels he needs, a good paycheck, and maybe even one more WrestleMania moment.

1 - Too Many Good Matches Available

Kurt Angle Gold Medal
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Kurt has had all of the money matches that TNA has to offer. He's wrestled the stars and he's been in the ring with the young guys. It's been so long since he has wrestled in a WWE ring that there are tons of potential great opponents just begging to get in the ring with him. The short list: Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Steen, KENTA, Sheamus, Barrett, Swagger and Luke Harper. Maybe not so short.

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