WWE Raw Predictions (8/25): Superstars And Legends Against The Emmys

By Shaun Lowe
WWE Twitter
WWE Twitter

Tonight’s Raw is going head to head with the 66th Emmys, something that the WWE has never had to contend with before as the awards ceremony is normally aired on a Sunday, and not in August.

In reasonable fashion, the WWE has responded by bringing in several WWE legends in order to keep eyes on their product and not the Emmy awards. While I doubt most true wrestling fans will care to watch the latter, there is of course the interest in seeing whether or not other shows like Game Of ThronesBreaking Bad and True Detective will walk away with accolades.

If a few of the roughly four million people that watch Raw every week decide to switch over and see whether or not Joffrey gets the award for most hated character in the history of television, I think the WWE has prepared their expectations for this week’s episode to account for that.

While I would love to say that the WWE will be quick to bring out the big guns, I don’t think we’re going to get that kind of a response. They’re going to play things safe tonight, because if they choose to be shocking and the audience isn’t watching, then what’s the point?

The WWE used to do some crazy things back during the Monday Night Wars when they were going head-to-head with WCW, so maybe they’ll shock the wrestling world a little so they get the buzz going to help pull the Emmy audience away. Vince McMahon has always loved competition, especially when it means getting mainstream media attention, which they certainly would get if they yanked away a million viewers or more.

Dean Ambrose has been written off of TV for a couple of weeks or so while he films a new movie for WWE Studios. That means Seth Rollins won’t have the distraction of Ambrose around, so what does that mean for Mr. Money In The Bank? It means he either gets a new mini-feud or we’re not going to see him this week either. If Brock Lesnar was supposed to be back by now, I would say that Rollins could attempt to cash in without having Ambrose interrupt him, but Lesnar isn’t expected back until the Raw before Night Of Champions.

The tag team division should expect to be heavily used tonight, mainly because tag team matches take up a lot of time. I think we’ll definitely see a rematch between The Usos and The Dust Brothers, but not for the belts. It’s a longshot, but there could also be a possible interruption from Rybaxel, with them claiming they should be the No. 1 contenders, and then The Wyatt Family coming out and saying that right is still theirs.

Mark Henry and Rusev should continue their feud, which seems like it may lead to Rusev’s first true loss. I highly doubt that Zeb Colter is going to declare Henry his new Real American, but I’m hoping we get to see Zeb sever ties with Jack Swagger, disowning him and moving on to a new prodigy. I have no idea who it might be, but Big E could use some help if the WWE really has already abandoned their newest stable.

Lastly, I think we’ll see another one-two punch from Paul Heyman and John Cena on the mic, going at each other to build towards the Cena/Lesnar rematch at NOC. Cena was destroyed at SummerSlam, something that’s never happened before — at least not to that extent — so he’s going to be hurt, frustrated and angry. If he doesn’t come out with guns blazing, I don’t know what would or even could push Cena to that breaking point. Those two have a way with words, and I think we may be in for a treat tonight.

WWE superstars and legends are going up against the Emmys tonight; let’s see if the WWE can earn itself some gold.

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