Mick Foley Should Be a Lesson to John Cena

By Ryan Ball
Mick Foley
Mick Foley @WWENews

The master of hard knocks and cheap pops is starting to see his reckless career catch up to him. Hardcore legend turned stand-up comedian Mick Foley had to recently cancel a show in Denver, Colo. due to back problems. Foley tweeted the following, “How bad is my back? Bad enough to cancel my #Denver date and Santa Claus school too. Hurting bad. Sorry #Colorado. I’m hoping to reschedule.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has followed Foley’s hazardous career. Long before the Undertaker threw Mankind sixteen feet off the Hell in a Cell, Cactus Jack was dropping elbows and taking backdrops off the ring apron. Mind you, this was early ’90s WCW where Bill Watts felt the need to remove the padded mats at ringside. Foley’s current condition should be noted by today’s superstars, especially John Cena.

There have been talks within the WWE that Cena has been experiencing more pain than usual in the last few months. The areas of concern are his shoulders and neck. This is even more frightening considering his recent Summerslam match with Brock Lesnar. Sixteen German Suplexs probably did his body no favors. Let’s not forget his rematch at the upcoming Night of Champions where they will probably try to top their previous brutality.

A large sect of wrestling fans love to hate Cena. This isn’t entirely fair. Yes, his character hasn’t been that enthralling for those fans over the age of sixteen. However, his match quality has been extremely consistent; especially at major events. Some may want Cena to go away and freshen up his character, but injury should not be the way. He has put way too much of his heart into the business for that to happen. It may be time for Cena to start scaling back his rough schedule. Fans know he loves wrestling and has nothing left to prove. A healthy John Cena is what’s best for business.

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