Stone Cold Steve Austin Teases A Return Again

By Nicholas A. Marsico
Stone Cold Steve Austin
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In a recent interview, Stone Cold Steve Austin spoke as if the door was just waiting to be kicked open for one last return to the ring. WrestleMania 32 will be in Dallas/Arlington, Texas in 2016, which of course is Stone Cold Country. He was certainly noncommittal in his response to the question about a return, essentially answering the query by telling the interviewer that it’s going to be in his home state and if he wants to have a match he can have a match.

Austin stated that a big venue like AT&T Stadium would be a heck of a task to fill and they would need one hell of a card to do so — even though it’s WrestleMania and the arena will be sold out months before we know what any of the matches could be. His point stands, though, with the sentiment that if he had a match it would be a big deal and wouldn’t be taken lightly.

Do I believe it’s going to happen? No. I certainly want it to happen as long as he’s in a position physically that he won’t put himself in a wheelchair. Stone Cold is the guy who got me into wrestling in the first place and he’ll always be my favorite. The show is about a year and a half away, which means that it is possible that fences may be mended between WWE and CM Punk, allowing us to get the match (and feud) that many people have been itching to see for years.

Who, if not Punk, would be the ideal opponent for a comeback? The Rock would be the obvious choice, but the men have already had three matches at WrestleMania, with their third (at WM XIX) doubling as Austin’s retirement match. Plus it is doubtful that we will ever see Rock in the ring ever again. John Cena, perhaps? An obvious choice, but incredibly boring. He could wrestle Randy Orton in the battle of The Viper vs. The Rattlesnake, with Orton finally killing one legend that he was never able to get his hands on. Goldberg in a battle of the geriatrics?

It is tough to think of an ideal, and worthwhile, opponent for Steve Austin in 2016. My final verdict would be Dean Ambrose. Recent comparisons between the two notwithstanding, both men have a perfect understanding of how the little things, the stuff most people only recognize on a subliminal level, really affect the quality of a match. All psychology and minimal impact for all of Austin’s problem areas. That’s a win-win.

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