Ryback Taking Time Off is Good for Character

By Ryan Ball


Ryback @WWENews

Ryback had a mysteriously active twitter account earlier this week. Monday night he revealed a vague message via social media that he was “Going away for a while to get some stuff fixed. Have not been myself for quite some time.” Along with that message came a picture of a Ryback action figure standing over a CM Punk action figure. The tweets only existed for about ten minutes; but ten minutes on the internet is all it takes to spread like wildfire.

This was addressed the next night on Main Event in a backstage segment. Adam Rose gave his condolences to Curtix Axel regarding his tag team partner’s injury. However, conflicting reports have come out about whether or not Ryback is truly injured. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Ryback suffered a minor lower body injury. Meanwhile, PWInsiders resources say that no injury exists and Ryback just needs some time off. Either way, this could be just what his character needs.

Ryback wasn’t quiet when interviewed about his lackluster 2013. After a WWE Championship program with John Cena, he was shunted down the card with nothing meaningful to do. This changed in September when he became a Paul Heyman guy.  The change was not for the better. Ryback picked up no major win over Heyman’s rival, CM Punk, in what was the most heated feud of the fall. Being a Paul Heyman guy left Ryback looking weak and he hasn’t been shy about mentioning how miserable the Heyman angle made him feel.

I’m not an advocate for splitting up tag teams at the moment because they are few and far between. However, they desperately need upper midcard talent. Given Ryback’s history as a main eventer, he can be put in a believable program for a midcard title or maybe even be an obstacle for Roman Reigns as he progresses up the ladder. Given his physical appearance and high impact signature moves, it would not be impossible to make Ryback seem like the threat he once was. Ryback is rumored to return near the end of September. A few weeks off TV and injected into a hot angle could be all it takes to get The Big Guy motivated and taken seriously again.

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