WWE Erred in Turning Dust Brothers Heel

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The Usos captured the WWE Tag Team Championships in March, and since then, the WWE creative team has struggled to find credible challengers for the title. Goldust and Stardust (formerly Cody Rhodes) have jumped to the forefront in recent weeks to challenge for the titles, but in the process, the Dust Brothers completely abandoned their lovable, fan-favorite personas.

On Raw, the Dust Brothers prevailed in a title match against the Usos via a count out victory. Because the championships cannot change hands by count out, though, Stardust and Goldust showed their frustration, claiming that the Usos feigned injury to intentionally get counted out. Subsequently, the Dust Brothers culminated their heel turn with a post-match attack of the champs.

This appears to be a classic case of short-sighted booking from the WWE creative team. The Usos are fan favorites, and as a result, creative wants them to face villain opponents. After successfully defending against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, the Usos didn’t have a feud brewing against another heel tandem. Ryback and Curtis Axel could’ve fit the bill, but they’ve already had a few bouts against Usos, and WWE decided to go in another direction.

As a result, WWE officials elected to have a team that has built significant momentum as fan favorites turn its back on the WWE Universe. Admittedly, this heel turn adds a dynamic to the current feud that potentially could make it more interesting. The problem with such a sudden twist, though, is that many of the fans will still support Stardust and Goldust, which could have an adverse affect on the popularity of the Usos.

Additionally, this decision could prove harmful in the long run for the Dust Brothers. Their backstage promos and interaction, as well as their work in the ring, have produced some of the most entertaining moments on WWE television over the past few months. Rhodes has excelled in his new role as the peculiar, albeit affable, sidekick to his older brother. Turning this duo into a heel team will likely eliminate most of those antics.

WWE had two reasonable options it could’ve explored in order to avoid this nearsighted decision. Ideally, the company would’ve decided to have Harper and Rowan capture the championships from the Usos after their lengthy rivalry. Harper and Rowan have proven worthy of the accolades, as their characters and in-ring performance have been championship caliber recently.

Another option could have been to call up a heel tag team from NXT, a promotion which boasts an array of talented tandems. The Ascension (the current NXT Tag Team Champions), as well as The Vaudevillians could’ve been options to get the call to the main roster to challenge the Usos.

Regardless, the Usos and Dust Brothers will likely have a solid feud, which should include an impressive contest at the next pay-per-view, Night of Champions. The long-term effect of this hasty decision, though, could prove detrimental not only to both teams, but the entire tag team division.

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