Top 10 WWE Referees Of All Time

By Nicholas A. Marsico

Top 10 WWE Referees Of All Time

nick patrick wwe referee
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As the third men in the ring, referees in professional wrestling are often seen as afterthoughts. In fact, they are often not even seen at all, which many believe is the true art of their position. Join me in counting down the top 10 WWE referees of all time!

10. Tim White

Tim White was a WWE referee in the 90s into the 2000s who suffered a bad shoulder injury in 2002 during the HIAC match between Chris Jericho and Triple H, which effectively ended his career. He did officiate one last match at WrestleMania XX at the special request of Christian and Chris Jericho, longtime friends of White.

9. Jim Molineaux

Probably the most well-known ECW referee and very well respected in the wrestling community, Molineaux had a distinctive fast count that fit in very well with ECW's in-your-face action. He knew when to be seen and when not to be seen, possibly the most important part of the referee's job, and stood as the third man in the ring for many great ECW battles.

8. Jack Doan

Former WWE referee Jack Doan somehow got the job that many wrestling fans would give their left foot for, as he was the ref for many matches featuring the WWE Divas. He was the man in charge for the Playboy bunnies match at WrestleMania XX and countless other matches, many of which saw a brawl break out between at least two women and him being at the bottom of a diva dogpile. Lucky guy.

7. Earl Hebner

Earl Hebner entered the scene in the WWF in the late 1980s when his brother, Dave, was the company's top referee. Earl was the "evil twin" in an angle that involved Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant. Hebner transitioned through the years into senior referee role, officiating many main event World Title matches and participating in a number of storylines. Hebner was often bullied but never back down from any wrestler, no matter how big.

6. Jimmy Korderas

A WWE referee for over 20 years, Jimmy Korderas was a major part of the World Wrestling Federation. Since his departure from the company, he has stayed busy hosting wrestling radio shows, doing interviews and podcasts, trains prospective referees, and even made a DVD about his experiences. He remains very active on social media and regularly comments on the industry.

5. Nick Patrick

NWA and WCW referee Nick Patrick might be best remembered for joining the nWo in 1997 as the group grew larger and larger. He originally intended to be a wrestler, but an injury forced him to change paths to officiating early in his career. When WCW folded, Patrick stayed around with WWE and became one of the best and most tenured referees until his departure in 2008.

4. Bryce Remsburg

Bryce Remsburg is likely the top referee on the independent pro wrestling scene and has been for the better part of the past decade. He calls CHIKARA Pro Wrestling his home and also referees for companies like CZW and Ring of Honor. Remsburg is known for having great timing and a fantastic understanding about his chosen profession.

3. Charles Robinson

People may know him as 'Lil Naitch for his time as the miniature version of Ric Flair in WCW, but Charles Robinson has been a fixture in pro wrestling for a long time. Much like legendary NWA referee Tommy Young, Robinson has gone above and beyond to make sure he's in the right position at all times, whether he has to jump over wrestlers, slide out of the ring to count pinfalls or to "conveniently" be looking in the wrong place at the right time.

2. Tommy Young

The top official for the National Wrestling Alliance, Tommy Young always felt like a legitimate figure of great authority within the confines of the squared circle. He was always spot-on with getting in position to count a pin, which resulted in his much talked-about hopping, running and sliding across the ring just to make sure that he calls the match right down the middle.

1. Mike Chioda

Mike Chioda has been a WWE referee since 1989 and has been the official for matches like the miracle victory of the 1-2-3 Kid against Razor Ramon, Steve Austin's first WWF Title win, Triple H vs. Batista at WM 21 and others. The bottom line is that Chioda has become the WWE's go-to guy when it comes to refereeing big matches, and for good reason. He has passion for the product and displays great poise as a ref, along with great skills as a performer.

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