Prime Time Players Are Money For The WWE Tag Team Division

By Nicholas A. Marsico
Darren Young - WWE Universe Facebook
Darren Young – WWE Universe Facebook

With Darren Young back on the WWE roster and the very entertaining but underused Titus O’Neil back on board with him, the Prime Time Players are together again and ready for a true run this time.

Their original run was okay, but lacked a lot. The tag team division was nearly invisible and they never gained any traction because they were heels who were trying to be funny and at the same working to not endear themselves to the audience. That ended up making them fail in both endeavors, because everybody was just confused. Their trademark “Millions of Dollars” catchphrase and dance got over, but it was supposed to be annoying and antagonistic, not a fun crowd dance-along.

The new iteration of the team appear to be set to come back onto the scene as babyfaces. They are absolutely on point in their backstage vignettes, making fun of all of the other tag teams and straight up just calling them out. My hope is that their promo on RAW this past week fires up Los Matadores. They kill the bull, get rid of the Aldo Montoya masks and go back to being Puerto Rican high flyers. Give them a feud with the Lucha Dragons where they are aggressive and ruthless, let them trade some victories and make both teams look like ‘millions of dollars.’

We don’t need to see the PTP feud with anybody that they’ve made fun of. Let their jokes and taunting fire these teams up and make it the impetus for them to step forward and make the division strong. The Ascension was the tag team in NXT. They had a huge following, good matches and a long title reign that allowed it to be meaningful when they were defeated. Then, when they finally get called up, the commentary team craps all over them, they look and act like idiots stuck in the 1980s, get punked out by everybody who isn’t “local talent,” and eventually get a pathetic win over Road Dogg and Billy Gunn before being relegated to Main Event on the WWE Network. How did they mess that one up? It boggles the mind.

The Prime Time Players shouldn’t be the focus of the division. They’re a decent team in the ring and their talents (most specifically Titus) are definitely best served on the microphone. They are money, in this situation, because they can make all of the other tag teams mad and then somehow get them to all focus their aggression on the other duos instead of the PTP themselves. That leaves Young and O’Neil to sneak in and get a shot at the gold (because everyone else has become preoccupied) and maybe even a short run with the belts. They can be like the Eddie Guerrero of the tag division, just with about half of the entertainment value and a quarter of the wrestling talent. Which, when compared to Eddie, is a compliment rather than a criticism.

It’s a shame that both men are in their mid-to-late 30s. A Darren Young singles push with Titus as his manager would be an awesome midcard act. Maybe we’ll get a chance to see that one day.

Nicholas A. Marsico is a featured pro wrestling writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter!

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