Tag Team Ladder Match Steals The Show At TLC 2015

By Nicholas A. Marsico
The Usos
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On the way toward this past Sunday’s WWE TLC event, the consensus seemed clear: The triple threat tag team ladder match would tear down the house and be hard to follow. Turns out that notion was fully correct. After a number of multi-man ladder matches, it came to the point that they all blended together.

That was not the case on Sunday night. The match was close to nonstop action and only a few miscommunications blighted the ongoing affair, all of which are likely already forgotten. Sin Cara looked better here than he has in a while, hitting some crisp and impressive moves with the type of ease generally expected from high-flying luchadores. Big E threw people around and Kofi Kingston bounced from ladder to ladder while Xavier Woods provided entertaining commentary.

The Usos continued being more aggressive than usual, using the ladders as weapons more than the other teams, who did more jumping and falling than attacking. It doesn’t appear that Jimmy and Jey are set to go the heel route, which would be a bad move right now with their popularity still riding high.

It feels clear that even though there wasn’t a title change, this match is distinctive enough that it will be remembered as the best multi-man or team ladder match since the original Money in the Bank match in 2005. The match had lots of action, a hot crowd and the winners were never guaranteed. The finish was strong and fit the story of all seven men involved perfectly, and Kalisto’s towering Salida del Sol is the highlight move that will be used in video packages for years to come.

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