CM Punk Leaving Millions Of Fans Disappointed By Walking Out On WWE

Via CM Punk Official Facebook Page

Significant news is circulating online suggesting that WWE Superstar CM Punk has walked away from the company in frustration with his role and the company’s direction heading into Wrestlemania 30. Nothing has been confirmed, but all the signs point to this story […]

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CM Punk Should Join Forces With The Shield

Picture Via WWE Official Facebook Page

Over the past few months, CM Punk has remained glued to the Shield. First, there was the feud with the wild man of the group, Dean Ambrose. Punk ran through him and straight into Roman Reigns. The two have worked well […]

What Does Batista’s Return Mean For The WWE’s Wrestlemania 30 Plans?

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Within the past 24 hours, news slipped through the cracks about Batista returning to the WWE, after his named appeared in advertisements for a live event in Las Vegas on February 14, 2014. This all but confirms that the company […]

WWE: Making SmackDown A Live Show Would Be A Smart Move

Via Official WWE Facebook Page

Recent reports say that the WWE may be thinking about making SmackDown a live television event. For years, SmackDown has been recorded on Tuesday night, then aired that Friday. I, for one, think that it would be a great move for […]

What’s Next For WWE Superstar CM Punk?

CM Punk Official WWE Facebook Page

Last night on WWE Monday Night RAW, we were all pleasantly surprised to see Shawn Michaels. Not only did he make an appearance, he made one during a CM Punk segment. Everyone was expecting things to get totally out of […]

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Could We Be Seeing The End of The Shield?

Photo Courtesy of WWE's Official Facebook Page

The Shield has run wild in the WWE since their debut at Survivor Series 2012 when they triple-power-bombed Ryback through the announcers table to allow CM Punk to retain his WWE Championship in a triple-threat match that included John Cena. This […]

WWE Monday Night Raw’s Final Segment Is Instant Classic

Photo Via: WWE Official Facebook Page

A crowd of WWE Superstars stood watch in the ring as Randy Orton and John Cena were face-to-face with both major championships hanging in the background. One thing we have all come to know is that whenever there is a crowd of […]

Possible WWE WrestleMania XXX Storylines

WrestleMania XXX In New Orleans - Sunday April 6, 2014 (Picture Via WWE's Official Facebook Page)

Over the last month, the WWE Universe has been taken on a wild and confusing ride by the company. First, there was the emergence of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon as heels who joined forces with Randy Orton. Orton’s role […]

Xavier Woods’ WWE Debut Is A Total Failure

Xavier Woods (Via: Xavier Woods' Facebook Page)

No one may have noticed, but we were witness to one of the worst debuts in WWE history last week on Monday Night Raw: Xavier Woods. This guy came out as excited as anyone I’ve ever seen. He was obviously happy to […]

The Title Unification Match Between John Cena and Randy Orton Is Bad Idea

John Cena and Randy Orton Face-Off Last Night At Survivor Series 2013 (Via: WWE's Facebook Page)

Last night, Survivor Series went off the air with both champions – John Cena and Randy Orton – facing off in the middle of the ring. What this says is that the WWE is planning a feud between the two, which will lead to a title […]