Big Show Needs To Stop Crying

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Big Show has long been touted as one of the most unstoppable forces in WWE, as well as being a fearless giant who no one could boss around. Over the past few years, that has certainly changed. A couple years […]

Daniel Bryan Should Not Defeat Randy Orton At Night Of Champions

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For a few weeks in a row, each edition of Monday Night Raw has been essentially the same thing. Triple H continues his attempts to control the locker room even more, someone speaks up against him, and they get put […]

Ricardo Rodriguez Will Turn On RVD

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Even in the world of spoilers and dirt sheets, mostly everyone was surprised when Ricardo Rodriguez revealed his new client to be “Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam a few weeks ago. The pairing seemed odd to say the least, […]

Why Does WWE Continue To Have Damien Sandow Lose?

Photo Courtesy of Damien Sandow - WWE Universe

It was assumed that when Damien Sandow won the Money In The Bank briefcase for the World Heavyweight Championship, he’d be given some considerable momentum to make him look like a credible threat to Alberto Del Rio, or whoever was champion when he […]

Who Are Your Favorite WWE Superstars?

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What Does R-Truth’s Place On “Hell In A Cell” Poster Mean?

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R-Truth has really not done anything relevant since his feud with Antonio Cesaro over the United States Championship late last year; that’s about eight months without a meaningful feud. For as talented and athletic of a wrestler he is, that is just unacceptable. […]

Antonio Cesaro Is The Most Underutilized Talent In WWE

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It doesn’t matter what role he is in — from yodeling to being part of the Real Americans, Antonio Cesaro is bound to put on a world class match with anyone he is put in the ring with. He was rewarded with […]

Dolph Ziggler Needs To Step Up In John Cena’s Absence

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When Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio pulled off a double-turn at WWE Payback in June, big things were expected of the new face Ziggler. Many thought that he would go on to take the World Heavyweight Championship from Del Rio and become one of the […]

Ring Ranting Week 1: A Rant Sports Exclusive Interview With Former WWE Star Vito (Part 2)

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We’re back with the second part of a Rant Sports exclusive interview with former ECW, WCW, and WWE star Vito. To catch up on the rest of the interview, be sure to check out part one. Let’s pick up right […]

Who Is Going To Win The 2013 Bound For Glory Series?

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The Bound For Glory Series is definitely the best thing that TNA (or Impact Wrestling, if you prefer) has going for it. The excitement and competition that comes out of the 12 wrestlers competing for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship is just […]

Ring Ranting Week 1: A Rant Sports Exclusive Interview With Former WWE Star Vito (Part 1)

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Welcome to Ring Ranting, where I’ll be interviewing the biggest names in professional wrestling each week so you can get an inside look at wrestling, as well as get caught up with each of your favorite wrestlers. I had the […]

Did Big Show Forget About His Iron-Clad Contract?

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It was the day after Over The Limit in 2012. Big Show had just shocked the world by hitting John Cena with the WMD during his match with GM John Laurinaitis. This was after Laurinaitis had previously fired him, and even made him get […]