WWE Needs To Bring Back The Cruiserweight Championship

Photo Courtesy of Chris Jericho - WWE Universe Facebook page

It’s pretty unbelievable to think that we’re coming up on six years that the Crusierweight Championship has been defunct. It was on the September 25, 2007 edition of Smackdown! that General Manager Vickie Guerrero decided to retire the belt as part of […]

WWE: AJ Lee Spoke The Truth On Raw

Photo Courtesy of AJ Lee - WWE Universe Facebook Page

It finally happened: something in the Diva’s division was actually relevant to me. In the second hour of Monday Night Raw, AJ Lee came out after Brie Bella defeated Natalya in a standard Diva’s match, and really just let loose on the each and everyone […]

Who Are Los Matadores?

Photo Courtesy of WWE Facebook Page

I would recommend that you stop reading right now if you don’t want to know the identities of the new bullfighting tag team that is being promoted, Los Matadores. Well, I’ve warned you, so if you’re still interested, this new tag […]

How Will Ted DiBiase Jr.’s Departure Impact WWE

Image Courtesy Of Ted DiBiase official WWE Universe Facebook page

Ted DiBiase Jr. has decided to end his five-year run in the WWE, as he announced on Twitter that he will not be renewing his contract with the company: https://twitter.com/TedDiBiase/status/372005044893548544 DiBiase entered the WWE as part of the group The Legacy which also […]

WWE: Tons Of Funk Needs To Join The Wyatt Family

Photo Courtesy of The Wyatt Family - WWE Universe Facebook Page

Now that you’ve stopped laughing at the headline, just hear me out here — I promise it will make sense. Tons of Funk joining, or being brainwashed into the Wyatt Family would be incredibly beneficial for both sides, and could […]

WWE: The Intercontinental Title Needs CM Punk

Photo Courtesy of CM Punk - WWE Universe

Ric Flair, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ultimate Warrior, “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels are just a handful of the wrestling legends that have, at one time or another, held the Intercontinental Championship. Somehow, this once great title has been […]

WWE: Who Will Be The Next Members Of The New Corporation?


Rey Mysterio Set To Return Tonight; What Impact Will He Have On WWE?

Photo Courtesy of Rey Mysterio - WWE Universe Facebook page

When Rey Mysterio first went down at the hands of Mark Henry, it was expected that he would be back by SummerSlam. That was obviously not the case, and right before that PPV, some wrestling outlets reported that he was […]

Fans Are Comparing Daniel Bryan To The Wrong Wrestling Legends

Daniel Bryan

There’s no doubt about it; Daniel Bryan is the hottest wrestler in the world right now. Whenever he walks into an arena, the crowd goes wild and any talking is drowned out by the emphatic “YES!” chant. That chant (and the […]

Goldberg Reportedly In Talks To Return To WWE


Once news broke that Goldberg was going to be included in the newest WWE video game, WWE 2K14, rumors began swirling that this meant he would be returning to the ring at some point. Those rumors, evidently, may not have been so far-fetched as […]