Wrestlemania 28 CM Punk VS Chris Jericho

john cena

The Rock versus John Cena is the big main event at Wrestlemania 28. The WWE has spent so much time focusing on that match, and the HHH versus the Undertaker’s match.That they have not given enough attention and build up […]

The WWE has something special with CM Punk

When the WWE Universe look at the 2011 year in review, their fans will look at everything before July and then what CM Punk did. The reason for this is the WWE did it standard shows and pay per views, […]

The WWE Should turn John Cena Heel

John Cena has been the face of the WWE for a number of years now. It is finally time to turn their super hero good guy, in to a bad guy/heel like character. His character has been stale for years. […]