Chris Jericho Saves Fandango and WWE Again

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Last Monday on Raw, I was given an unexpected treat when Chris Jericho‘s music hit and he walked to the ring. Unfortunately, I might as well have been watching an episode of Raw from the road to Wrestlemania. The WWE […]

The Shield Winning Tag Team Championship Would Be a Mistake

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The Shield debuted at Survivor Series last year. At first they were only tormenting Ryback, but then they started getting bigger and bigger pushes. They went through John Cena, The Rock, and even The Undertaker on their quest to find […]

Ryback & John Cena Stipulation is Last Man Standing

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This week on Raw, John Cena was given the opportunity to choose the stipulation for his match with Ryback at Extreme Rules. In classic Super-Cena style, he passed up the opportunity stating that he’ll win the match no matter what the stipulation is. The choice came […]

Top 5 Candidates to Overthrow John Cena

John Cena

Fandango’s Role at Extreme Rules Still Unclear

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With the road to Extreme Rules wrapping up, one superstar seems to have been left out. Fandango hasn’t been involved in a feud since defeating Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania. Does this mean he won’t be in a match at the […]

Future of The Miz in WWE

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The Miz showed a promising future in the WWE, but everything has seemed to go stagnant as of late. Sometimes superstars just don’t reach their full potential. Is this what’s happened to the Miz? It’s hard to believe the reality […]

John Cena: Worst Partner in the WWE

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A tag team partner in the WWE is a great asset to any wrestler. When you’re clawing and scratching your way to the top, it’s nice to have somebody that has your back. That is unless John Cena is the […]

WWE Neglecting Extreme Rules Undercard

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The undercard of a pro wrestling event is used to warm up the crowd for the main event. You must have interesting undercard matches or the crowd will be bored and rowdy by time the main card starts. Nothing is […]

Possible Opponents for Team Hell No at Extreme Rules

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Team Hell No has dominated the weak tag team division since Night of Champions last year. Now that the tag team division is seemingly being reloaded, who will face Kane and Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules? The most obvious choice is The Shield. They […]

Ryback the Victim of an Another Untimely John Cena Injury

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The future of Ryback seemed so bright. He was bulldozing his way through mid-carders and having fun while doing it. Then, the face of the company John Cena was injured and Ryback was prematurely thrust into the main event. Now his days […]

Making Sense of the Tons of Funk-Team Rhodes Scholars Feud

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Sometimes the WWE starts a feud with no idea of how it’s going to play out. The most recent example of this is the Tons of Funk-Team Rhodes Scholars feud. These two teams started feuding shortly after Tons of Funk started during the road […]

Steps WWE Should Take to Utilize All Its Talent

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It’s no shocker to any wrestling fan when I say the WWE has a hard time finding a place for everyone on the roster. When you see talent like Antonio Cesaro and Justin Gabriel jobbing for mid-carders, that should tell you all you need to know […]