WWE Money in the Bank: Match Predictions

Money in the Bank PPV

Although, I still find it very hard to believe this, the Shield is in the Pre-Show match to retain their titles against the Usos. This should be an interesting match-up seeing as you have the champions wanting to keep their status as the […]

WWE Smackdown: Spoilers for July 12, 2013


This Friday marks the last episode of WWE Smackdown before the much-anticipated Money in the Bank. As the tension rises and rivalries escalate to their highest point, we see the PPV competitors take the stage. How will the WWE showcase these […]

WWE Raw: Job Evaluation and Wyatt Family Debut

The Wyatt Family

The day has finally come for the ominous Wyatt Family to debut on Monday Night Raw. We have been seeing their vignettes for some time now and the internet began buzzing with predictions about their arrival date and first match. […]

WWE Smackdown: Spoilers and Fireworks for July 5, 2013

WWE Cm Punk

WWE Smackdown is heating up as we inch closer day by day to one of the most exciting pay per views, Money in the Bank. The matches between ladder match and championship rivals are coming to us once again in […]

WWE Diva Division: How Does It rank?


The a WWE’s Diva Division took a turn for the worst when it lost such talents as Beth Phoenix and Kharma. These two ladies knew how to get it done in the ring and the brought everything to the WWE […]

Who Should Replace CM Punk as the Next Paul Heyman Guy?

Drew McIntyre

Paul Heyman is one of the most loved and hated managers in the history of the WWE. I, for one, am not a big fan of his, but he is a successful man, I will give him that. He has managed many […]

WWE Big Show: Face Turn, Title Shot Upon Return

12. Big Show

At this point, the World’s Largest Athlete is out of action due to a shoulder injury, though this comes at a time that is actually not too disruptive for the giant. Big Show has not been involved in a major storylines […]

WWE Smackdown Preview For June 28, 2013

Smackdown Logo

WWE: The Shield Has Shown Power, But Who Should Really Stand Out?

Photo courtesy of the Shield WWE Universe Facebook

The Shield has been on a rampage since their inception during Survivor Series 2012, where they took the WWE by storm and have continued to show that the age of the dominant stables is still going strong. For a while, they had yet to […]

Wade Barrett is Without a Storyline After Losing the Intercontinental Title

Wade Barrett

Following his Payback loss to Curtis Axel, Wade Barrett has found himself without a path in the WWE. The next night on Raw he was the first match-up for the returning Christian that saw Barrett fall victim to the KillSwitch. […]

Former World Champion Daniel Bryan is the Weak Link

Team Hell No

Since the forming of Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan’s character has taken a definite turn. Bryan went from a heel that received taunts from the crowd to the face that everybody loves and chants along with. He has become “The […]

WWE Fandango: Possible Rivalry Upon Return From Injury


Fandango was taken out of action just days prior to what would have been his first-ever title match due to an unfortunate concussion. He is new to the WWE scene, but I see this as a chance to make a […]