WWE: What The Ring of Fire Match Really Is

Image courtesy of Kane WWE Universe Official Facebook

The Wyatt Family hit the main roster quickly and went after one of the roster’s big fish in Kane right away. It was a major deal to attack the Big Red Machine. A lot of people find Kane soft these […]

WWE News: Superstar Sheamus’ Injury May Be A Blessing In Disguise

Image courtesy of Sheamus' WWE Universe Page

In a surprising news update, WWE Superstar Sheamus has been injured and will be gone for at least six months. Sheamus hurt his leg in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and was sporting a nasty bruise on the […]

Kurt Angle’s Long Road to Being Trusted By TNA

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The moment Kurt Angle was brought into TNA, a lot of good things were imagined. Several people were already helping TNA then, but Angle was the major WWE name they needed. Angle was to be the man in TNA. And why […]

WWE’s Second Quarter Earnings Prove That TV-PG Is Working

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A lot of people tend to knock WWE for it’s stance on being TV-PG. I have been vocal about some issues I have had with it myself, but the one that is a glaring fact is that WWE is most […]

WWE News: Superstar Randy Orton Was Attacked By Local Wrestler, Not Fan


As I’m sure the entire online wrestling world knows WWE Superstar Randy Orton was attacked by a fan in South Africa last night after a match with fellow Superstar Big E. Langston. The entire story seemed bizarre from the outset, […]