The Rock Will Wrestle For The WWE Championship At The 2013 Royal Rumble

The Rock made his return to Monday Night Raw and he laid down an interesting announcement.  The Rock will end up wrestling for the WWE Championship at the 2013 Royal Rumble.  Unexpected and unorthodox, but quite interesting. The Rock has […]

Billy Gunn Returns To WWE For 1000th Episode Of Raw

billy gunn return

Billy Gunn wasted no time getting back on TV in the WWE.  He was part of the DX reunion that kicked off the 1000th episode of Monday Night Raw.  Not exactly a bad way to celebrate your one night return […]

Kelly Kelly Returning To WWE For 1000th Episode Of Monday Night Raw

Kelly Kelly has been absent from WWE for a number of weeks but the popular diva will return to Monday Night Raw for the 1000th episode of Raw.  The company has been trying to get every big name back to […]

Chavo Guerrero Signs Deal With TNA Wrestling

chavo guerrero tna

Chavo Guerrero is not exactly the most successful Guerrero to ever wrestle.  His career never did much of anything in the WWE so he is taking his talents to TNA Wrestling.  Guerrero might find more of a niche there than […]

Rikishi Returns To Monday Night Raw To Squash Heath Slater


Rikishi has been away from pro wrestling for a little while, but he returned to Monday Night Raw to be the next legend to take on Heath Slater.  If you have been following this script, Rikishi managed to squash Slater, […]

John Cena Winning Money In The Bank Was Horrible Booking

Raise your hand if you thought John Cena was going to leave Sunday’s pay per view without winning.  Now put your hands down because everyone knew the second that Cena said he was going to be in the Raw match […]

Has The WWE Cut Ties With Diva Kharma?

kharma released

When the WWE signed Kharma, a lot of people thought the Divas division was going to finally get the attention it deserved.  She debuted by squashing divas left and right until it was discovered that she was pregnant.  That meant […]

Bob Backlund Makes WWE Return On Monday Night Raw

bob backlund returns

Bob Backlund was once on top of the pro wrestling world.  That time was long ago but that did not stop the former great from returning to Monday Night Raw to put Heath Slater in his place.  Backlund is just […]

Chael Sonnen Being Targeted By WWE For Possible Program

chael sonnen wwe

Chael Sonnen seems more like a WWE wrestler than a UFC fighter.  Let’s look at it this way.  He is a shameless self-promoter, he can have fans turn on him in an instant and he plays a perfect heel.  Sounds […]

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) Returns On Monday Night Raw To Give Diamond Cutter To Heath Slater

diamond dallas page returns to raw Diamond Dallas Page is just the latest legend to return on Monday Night Raw and embarrass Heath Slater.  Slater has done a masterful job of being the whipping boy for every legend to come back.  DDP is up there […]

Kevin Nash Up For Role In Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire

kevin nash hunger games

Kevin Nash had an ill fated return to the squared circle earlier this year, so he has decided to get back into the acting business.  It appears that Nash could be up for a role in the sequel to The […]

Sycho Sid Returns To WWE For First Time In 15 Years To Squash Heath Slater

sycho sid wwe return Sycho Sid was just the latest legend to return to the WWE in their buildup to the 100th episode of Monday Night Raw.  He came out and wrestled Heath Slater and ended up winning a squash match.  It was […]