WWE Doesn’t Need Intercontinental Belt to Make CM Punk-Paul Heyman Angle Interesting

CM Punk

The night after WWE‘s Summerslam event, CM Punk stormed the ring asking for a fight. Curtis Axel obliged, with Paul Heyman following at a distance, as he proceeded toward the ring and took the fight to the former champion. Punk […]

WWE: Shane McMahon Can Play Hero to Daniel Bryan

Randy Orton

While it’s clear WWE is reinventing the once-famed Corporation, with Vince McMahon and his family members selecting their “Corporate Champion” (Randy Orton), there is one key component missing in the replication process. In the original storyline, as the Corporation moved from The Rock as […]

WWE: Goldberg Shooting Down Rumors of Wrestlemania Return is Best for Both Sides


While it was rumored the Goldberg was in talks with WWE to return at Wrestlemania 30 this year, those discussions have seemingly fizzled. Goldberg quickly shot down that rumor on his official Twitter page, stating: Nope…RT @TMoyer34: So apparently the […]

Who Had the Best Week in the WWE?


A.J. Styles Joining WWE Would Destroy TNA

Aj Styles

It’s clear that Total Nonstop Action is panicking by their recent roster cuts. They’ve reduced their total number of PPVs from 12 to four and are looking to cut any bit of salary possible moving forward in order to stay afloat. […]

WWE: What’s Going On With The Shield?

The Shield

The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns) stormed onto the professional wrestling scene with something to prove. In their early vignettes, these three members demanded respect and change. They stood up for talented stars held back by industry standards, demolishing […]

WWE Not Exploiting Darren Young Shows Growth As A Company

Darren Young

In this day and age, with WWE blurring the lines of what is real and what is fake, it is a welcome sight to see Darren Young and the Prime Time Players return to Monday Night Raw without a hitch. Young, […]

John Cena’s Injury Sets Up Daniel Bryan Against WWE’s Corporation

John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Triple H

At the beginning of Monday Night Raw, former WWE champion John Cena announced he was taking time away to recover from a torn triceps injury, just one night after dropping the title to long-shot contender Daniel Bryan. As is the norm […]